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- Jim Ross gave props to Michael Cole via Twitter:

“Most don’t realize how valuable @MichaelCole is to #wwe. Helps produce @JerryLawler & keeps Texan @JCLayfield in line. Full time #Raw trio?”

- Big E Langston will debut his own theme song on tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event as he faces Zack Ryder.

- As noted before, CM Punk was kept off Monday’s RAW to sell The Undertaker’s win at WrestleMania 29. Another reason WWE officials kept him off RAW is because they didn’t want him to receive a massive pop from the post-WrestleMania crowd that was at Monday’s show. At one point, there were plans for Punk to come out and cut a promo but they nixed it.

Source: PWInsider

  • adam

    Do they really think the crowd won’t give him a huge pop on the next show

  • Doctorl21

    Real fans are going to cheer for true talent like Punk or Ziggler no matter if they are a heel or face.

  • Peter Stastny

    C’mon Vince! this is BS. What about giving the people, who paid lots of money, what they want? So what if the place erupts for CM Punk? They did for Ziggler and he is suppose to be a heel.

  • Dan

    Yeah, back when he was defending and supporting the heels actions he was great, don’t necessarily need him to go back to shouting “Puppies” though. Now his commentary is effectively the same as the Cena promos that everyone is so sick of nowadays.

  • poko

    I agree. Lawler has lost his value and almost never says anything interesting. I think he’d be good as a part-time announcer but he’s trite and predictable at this point. He needs to be replaced. Either that, or turn heel.

  • Hasan

    I am fine with Cole when he is with JBL but just get Lawler off my screen!

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