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– Former WWE star Colin Delaney will be appearing at the USWO event in Nashville, Tennessee on February 11th.

– WWE Champion The Miz was at the Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers basketball game last night.

– Former WWE developmental talent Joe Doering won the All Japan Pro Wrestling tag team titles yesterday in his first match back since knee surgery. Doering previously held the belts with The Great Muta before signing with WWE.

– Word is that CM Punk is the one who reminded WWE creative about the segment at Unforgiven 2008 where Randy Orton and Legacy attacked him. WWE used the clip on this week’s RAW to fuel the current storyline between Orton and Punk.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • D’Andre

    @justin its because the dudley boyz(aka team 3d) are a part tna now

  • CM Mark

    I had even forgot about it. When Punk showed that footage I was like Oh Hell yeah! Finally a storyline!

  • JD

    I really thought that CM Punk’s speech at the Slammys about “getting revenge” was going to turn out to be Cena, which to me made no sense. I’m glad it turned out not to be the case, though I don’t really understand the Cena/Punk feud.


    Wow, punk knows how to fuel a storyline better than the writers. They use to do this all the time. But then they just started forgeting doing to it. Maybe because they kept doing the same fueds over and over and over again (Cena/Orton ring a bell). Using something from the past definitely fuels the story because it makes you think “oh, I forgot all about that, now it makes sense”. It explains the meaning behind it.

  • Hombre Malo

    It was a great tie in. More depth than the avg WWE storyline to bring up something from 2008. MOst WWE writers seem to have forgotten the concept of continuity.

  • Justin

    Yeah, Lawler and the crew in the back has been nothing but absurdly blind to the past. During the Divas table match, Lawler says “I’ve never seen a woman go through a table before!”

    Yeah, as if he didn’t announce during Dudley Boyz time in WWE, especially during the Attitude Era. I wonder if he himself realized how retarded it sounded.

  • bloodstone

    do you know why announcer wear headsets ? so the people in the back can tell them what to say . alot of stuff gets blamed on the announcers when it’s the people feeding them their lines

  • CC

    I had to laugh at the use of that video on Raw this week. Not because of it being bad or not making sense etc, as I thought it was a great idea to bring it up, especially as Orton was heel back then and Punk was face.
    What made me laugh was Lawlers remarks were so stupid, and totally ignorant of what he just watched.
    He started jabbering about how Punk was wrong because he wasnt doing it himself, and using his flunkies to attack Orton, and how Orton attacked Punk himself, totally ignoring the fact that Orton used his Flunkies (Dibiase and Rhodes) to attack Punk.

    The big problem was, rather than acknowledge Orton had changed or something, they had no idea how to defend Ortons previous actions, so Lawler just came across as a blind idiot.
    Its totally acceptable for heel announcer to have selective blindness/memory, but a face announcer should call it down the line and condemn both Ortons previous actions and Punks current actions.
    If anything, Lawler should have said “two wrongs dont make a right” or something like that.

  • CiB

    @ Simon

    Actually creative are often really bad in the other way about using the past to create feuds when it comes to Orton. When was the last time you saw an Orton/HHH feud, over the several they’ve had in the last few years, that wasn’t Orton’s “ultimate revenge plan” for being kicked out of Evolution after he one the belt from the Man Who Never Existed?

  • Simon

    Finally! It takes a wrestler to point out to the Creative Team to use the past to create feuds. Punk is showing he knows more and about the business then some of these short-sighted writers who seem to have forgotten that a good fued requiers some history and some good story telling.

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