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Punk Responds to Sheamus, WWE Ranks Top Rope Finishers, More

– WWE Legend Vader will be facing former TNA star Jesse Neal at a NWA Ring Warriors event on September 8th from the German American Clubhouse in Hollywood, Florida.

– WWE’s website recently ranked the top 10 top rope finishing moves. Here’s the full list:

10. Vader’s Vadersault
9. Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash
8. Sin Cara’s Exploder
7. Shane McMahon’s Coast to Coast
6. Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device
5. Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb
4. Rob Van Dam’s 5 Star Frogsplash
3. Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press
2. Jimmy Snuka’s Superfly Splash
1. Randy Savage’s Flying Elbow Drop

– We noted earlier that Sheamus took a shot at CM Punk on Twitter for his beard and hairdo. Punk replied via Twitter this afternoon and has fans speculating that he is suggesting Sheamus wears lifts in his boots:

“@WWESheamus yes. A “sheamus” beard. Google Harley Race. Ya might learn something. Like the fact that he never wore 6 inch lifts in his boots”

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I always liked Booker T’s Harlem hangover, That move is usually forgotten about.

  • nando

    i miss Psychosis Guillotine Leg Drop

  • d

    brock lesnar’s finisher is the f5 not the shooting star press that’s why it’s not on here ( plus he didn’t do it that often )
    benoit’s headbutt off the top is the same not his finisher
    i am surprised about eddie’s frogsplash not being listed though

  • KingAlbert

    @ little jimmy, possibly the best move, but not the best top rope finisher. Retard.

  • greenbeans

    “Hulk hogan faggot sheiky baby humble you old country way”!!!

  • Tombstone


  • Little Jimmy

    The best move ever is the camEL clutch Sheiky Baby style.

    “Brian Blair I will put you in CamEL clutch, Fuck Your Ass and make You HumBEL!”

  • Anon


    We may not agree with it, but you know damn well what the explanation is. Accept the fact that he won’t be mentioned in these things.

  • Moo

    Where is Benoits flying head butt!!??, can someone please explain this to me!!!??

  • Anon

    As others have pointed out, how about:

    Eddie Guerrero’s Frog Splash?

    Brock’s Shooting Star Press?

    Not only those, but:

    Why not 2 Cold Scorpio’s 450 Splash instead of Justin freaking Gabriel’s?

    And Demolition’s Demolition Decapitation?

  • Ant

    I kinda agree with you @Stevie P about Eddies frog splash not making the list and for Brock Lesnars Shooting Star Press the most famous one he did was the one at WM19 where he botched it real bad so that is my guess why it isn’t there.


    yeah give shane a nod for a move he stole from RVD.

  • xXx

    lol @ gabriel and bourne being there.. what about kidman and london?

    and yeah, why no eddie frogsplash??

  • Stevie P

    No Eddie Guerrero Frogsplash? What about Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press?