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Punk Tapes The BS Report, Backstage News on JR’s WWE Return, Austin, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase and former World Champion Sid Vicious will be appearing at Collector’s Realm in Poughkeepsie, New York on Sunday, August 21st from 1-3pm. Necro Butcher will also be appearing.

– Steve Austin wrote the following on Twitter after filming began for his new WWE DVD yesterday at his ranch in Texas: “Had a great first day of Stone Cold DVD shoot today…I relived so many bumps today, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow…OH HELL YEAH!!!”

– CM Punk taped an episode of ESPN’s The BS Report podcast with Bill Simmons yesterday. Simmons said the interview will be up later today.

– Several people in WWE were surprised to see Jim Ross return full-time to commentary. Most felt that because of JR’s age and the direction WWE was going in, that he wouldn’t return besides the occasional special appearance.

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  • Marky Mark

    Kill yourself if you give a fuck about that fat fuck JR. Fuck him.

  • CM Mark

    JR coming back full time is almost as good as Punk winning the WWE title.

  • venom

    Scott Hall can’t stay sober to do that job. Sadly I’d be surprised if he lives to 2012.

  • uncle farker

    Get rid of king and bring in Scott hall as colour commentator

  • Matt

    A video with the god of wrestling and the god of sportswriting?

    Freakin’ awesome! Oh and SImmons is a wrestling fan too so check it out.

  • F-U-CC


  • Angry Dude


    I can only agree with you Bro

  • CC

    Several people in WWE obviously dont know shit cause they are probably the guys who make the coffee and clean the jock straps of the wrestlers.
    It also goes to show that if these are the inside sources that we always hear about, its no wonder the reports are often filled with bullshit.