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Punk vs. Tensai Feud Discussed, SmackDown Rating, Tonight’s WWE TV Tapings

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown and NXT tapings will take place from the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia. No matches have been announced by Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs. Kane in a Street Fight is being advertised locally.

– The May 4th episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown scored a 1.94 cable rating with 2,709,000 viewers.

– Before this weekend, WWE officials were discussing CM Punk vs. Lord Tensai for the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

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  • eric

    I think tensai is doing good job in ring. with senton back splash he did on punk. was pretty impressive. he did good job working with cena a few weeks ago wwe had him beat cena in street fight. he is on biggest roll of his 13 year pro wrestling career. wwe booking him great.

  • Bill

    I would’ve rather seen A-Train return instead of Tensai, personally, but either way, no way he’s ready to main event one of the big four with the title on the line. I would like to see Punk face a fresher face like Rhodes or Barrett for the title at SS.

  • Deva

    I want to see lord tensai/albert face ryback and I mean soon before they start making albert start jobbing like a mark henry, I want to see monster vs monster

  • People talk about Big Show and Henry being to slow alot. Mainly Big Show has earnt respect but never should hold a world title again, Henry had a title run which he earnt after a long career and good heat but no one wants to see him wn it again.

    ANd as you said Umaga was really quick for a big guy

  • ant

    got damn u marks arent even giving the poor guy a chance like cmon now i dont see anybody complaining about the big show or did anybody complain about umaga(cant lie though umaga was a pretty fast super heavyweight) or mark henry but damn albert gets all the heat and for what like give him atleast 2 or 3 more months before u talk shit about him

  • Dave

    One thing Albert/A-Train had was that he was one of the more agile big men. Now he is back as Lord Tensai, he moves with all the grace and athleticism of The Great Khali.

  • yofits

    Lard Tensai is a fat bald son of a bitch,

  • Splash

    Lord Tensai is about as exciting as watching paint dry.