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Punk on Being Upset at Rock’s Return, His DVD and More

– WWE Champion CM Punk recently spoke with The Sun in the UK. Here are some highlights from the interview that took place before Night of Champions:

Wrestling The Rock:
“Anybody that doesn’t want to wrestle The Rock is pretty foolish. He’s not around a lot, so to get an opportunity to wrestle him, it’s a slim chance. I might have a shot at him at the Royal Rumble if I get past John Cena, and that right now is my goal. The Rumble is a while away, but hopefully I stay the champ until then.”

Getting pissed off at The Rock’s return:
“Rock being back, I guess, puts a lot of eyes on our product. In that respect it’s a good thing. I have a lot of pride in what I do, and I’m proud of the WWE, and their superstars and divas that are on the road 365 days a year. It’s a very cold business, it’s a very ‘what have you done for me lately?’ business. When somebody walks in and gets afforded opportunities that people are in line for and people are busting their ass for, you’re damn right I’m going to get pissed off about it. It’s only logical; it isn’t sour grapes. It isn’t whining. It’s a fact. I said it, I was vocal about it. I said it to his face. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Listen, if I disappear for 5-8 years and I come back, I only hope there is someone as angry and as hungry, with a chip on their shoulder, just like me, to tell me the same thing: ‘Hey, I can do everything you’re doing, and I’m doing it every day.’ I don’t hate The Rock, I don’t hate Dwayne. There honestly aren’t any hard feelings, there’s nothing anything personal. It has motivated me to work harder and to prove everybody wrong. That’s what I do.”

His upcoming DVD:
“I definitely had the last say in what matches went on there. When I saw the story and how it edited together, I wanted to pick matches that accentuate that story. I watched it with a couple of friends of mine. It’s pretty bizarre; it’s like I’m at my own funeral. It’s all these people I love and respect on there talking about me and seeing my entire career on a WWE DVD. It’s surreal.”

  • peep this

    Say what you want but rock helps boost the product. And even lesnar. Its a business and outside of that ring lesarn made good or bad a name for himself. As did the rock, though his following audience is global via what made him from his past to his present occupation an actor. I guess you can play thus two ways. But when’s the last time you can say a guy left on top of one profession bettered himself at another and still came back to really made him. I have more respect for Mr. Johnson as I really don’t think he’s doing it for money. Its his passion. And yes, I see punks view. But punk also sees it from a business view as we well. What’s good for the rock is good for www and good for punk. Its a win win for all. Yet some on here may see different its who you ask am
    And how you receive it.

  • Shay R.

    OMG, Thank you@nin. Those are my feelings exactly!

  • Alan Wake

    In TNA he was just one of Ravens lackeys. Didn’t really define anything about him. Now his feud with Raven in ROH? That’s another story.

  • maah

    Its getting old punk build a bridge

  • Yes! 3X

    @nin. You’re absolutely right. Lesnar’s wrestled 2 matches this year and both have been ppv main events. I’m pretty certain he’s being paid more money per appearance than any in history, minus celebrities like Tyson and Mayweather maybe. But Punk won’t complain about him because Lesnar’s a Paul Heyman guy and yes Lesnar would kick Punk’s ass and shut him up.

  • Sipeli

    I honestly think that has a lot to do with with Brock losing to Cena and that the WWE is Lesnars end game. What i mean by that is Brock isnt there promoting anything else but himself and the WWE, where Rock can be seen as a guy using WWE to further himself outside of the WWE. Im probably wrong but that sort of makes sense to me given the situation.
    Plus Brock will have that credibillity as a workrate guy, while Rock for all his positives has always been kind of a flashy crowd pleaser guy… If that makes sense.

  • d

    austin sucks punk sucks undertaker sucks cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rocks….

  • Bastion Booger

    How come you dont hear punk complaining about Lesnar? I think its because he knows Brock will kick his ass for real if he did say something about him


    punk sucks rock and john cena are best……….

  • Undertaker

    hope the rock beats punk at the rumble, and have cena vs rock at mania with cena winning. And punk vs austin.

  • nin

    Again all those wrestlers like cena and punk and everyone complain about the rock but don’t say Sh*t about brock lesner and his deal and how much he get paid but to them i guess its ok but what the rock does is ten times worst.

  • U think TNA and ROH be on the dvd? They helped define his career. Well atleaast roh

  • U think TNA and ROH be on the dvd? They helped define his career.

  • robert

    lets be honest though that might piss up and coming wrestlers off, but of those disgruntled wrestlers are on the same stratosphere as the rock, so as a fan you love it. No one is as talented and as good so if hes available , why not use him? Its not the rock’s fault they use lame ass wrestlers like ziggler and miz who are supposedly the future of the business, shit I hope not. These guys that wine it would be different if they elevated their performance but they dont. I like punk I think hes better than most of the roster but he does disappoint me cause I anticipated alot more from him when he let his pipebomb off a year ago.

  • Aiden1990

    Punk is the fucking man