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Why Punk Isn’t Wrestling at WWE TLC, More TTTT Photos from AJ

– WWE Diva AJ Lee has posted some more photos from WWE’s weekend with our Troops in Norfolk, Virginia:

aj troops day2 1

aj troops day2 2

aj troops day2 3

– After WWE Champion CM Punk was released from the hospital late Tuesday evening, he was telling people close to him that he felt great after the surgery. Punk actually called people in WWE and told them he would be able to work the TLC pay-per-view against Ryback.

Officials felt that it would be best for Punk to not work TLC. They wanted him to sit the pay-per-view out and heal so they’re not putting the bigger upcoming matches in jeopardy – like his Royal Rumble match with The Rock and whatever he does leading up to WrestleMania 29. As noted, Punk will not be missing any WWE TV time.

Partial source: PWInsider

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