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Punk-Cena Rivalry Ending Soon, WWE Happy with Tag Division

– We haven’t seen the end of the feud between John Cena and CM Punk yet. Apparently WWE officials are working on something that will end the rivalry before Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season arrives.

– WWE officials are pleased with the turn around the tag team division has made lately. They are especially high on Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. As noted before, reviving the tag team division was something Triple H has been behind.

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  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m not against the idea of a DiBiase / Hennig tag team. Not a bad idea at all. But DiBiase needs to drop that “I come from money…” song. It’s such a pussy theme song, it’s not even funny. I’ll never take the guy seriously. He’s on Zack Ryder’s level of “I really don’t care about you and probably never will”, and even Ryder’s more over than DiBiase is. When DiBiase first went solo after WM26 and had the Legacy theme, “A New Day” and had Virgil as his bodyguard, with the Million Dollar title, I loved that. Maybe it was nostalgia because I was a fan of his father when I was little, but I loved it. It worked for him. Sure, maybe he wants to make it on his own and not live in his dad’s shadow, but what has he done since that gimmick? Jack shit. So, maybe go back to it, or like others have said, form a team with Hennig/McGillicutty.

    I like Triple H’s desire for reviving the tag division but when Kane and Bryan lose the titles, they won’t stay a team. Most definitely, they’ll go back to singles. Then who does that leave to fill in the gap of the top face team? Kofi’s IC champ so he and R-Truth’s team is done for the most part. They’re already splitting up Kidd & Gabriel, to push Gabriel (which I think is stupid because they make a decent team).

    One team I’m not a fan of, but always felt bad for, are The Usos. One of the only legit teams in that company and can’t catch a break for some reason. WWE always puts the belts on makeshift tag teams instead of actual teams. I like Rhodes & Sandow, but like Kane & Bryan, they’re gonna go back to singles eventually. Mysterio & Sin Cara I guess would be the top babyface team, and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they won the tag titles. Why not, for the kiddies. And it keeps Mysterio away from the WWE/World title picture. Kane & Bryan lose ’em to Rhodes & Sandow, then they can get a good run and drop ’em at ‘Mania to Mysterio & Sin Cara. And with Mysterio and Sin Cara in the same match at ‘Mania, WWE can still try for their world record for most masks worn during one event that they wanted this year.

  • fivogoeswest

    Dibase and Hening could team and be known as million dollar perfection or something.

  • What they should do is put Ted and Brett Dibase as the Fortunate Sons tag team, and then bring in Joe Hening as a type of enforcer for the tag team, creating a new stable (similar to Mean Street Posse except that this will be successful)

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ xXx haha! Agree with ‘cha.

  • Billbo

    Am I the only one who thinks the tag division “rebuild” is kinda lame? But I mean, can’t really use actual teams if you don’t build anyone up, just seems like a slow start, hopefully it takes off.

  • Little Jimmy

    Divas Division has lost Beth, Kharma, Kelly, The Bellas in the last year and new divas have took their places that kind of tells WWE how bothered they are. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Possibly Sarita & A push for Naomi & maybe bringing in Paige from NXT and then that would tell me WWE are bothered. Alicia Fox & Aksana need to be released.

  • xXx

    and this is news because?

  • Nate

    I agree with above statement, I think it is really important for them to start building the womens division (yes WOMENS division not DIVAS) up. Especially now that AJ is actively wrestling again, I have found that the matches have been getting better too, the triple threat at hell in a cell had some brilliant spots.

    They really need to get some good talent in and build better storylines (ones that don’t involve cheating/backstage attacks or any other cliché). Hopefully the women will soon get as much of a pop from the crowd as the TNA women do.

  • Mark

    No all they need to do is the same with the divas division

  • poko

    Good decision to rebuild the tag division and props to Triple H if he’s the one behind it. It adds some much needed variety to a 3 hour show and allows for more than just a handful of performers to have meaningful matches and goals at any given time. Healthy tag team divisions have always been important change-ups to the flow of a wrestling program while allowing for more rivalries and storylines. It was foolish for the WWE to have abandoned it in the first place.

    Hell Yeah and Rhodes Scholars are definitely the highlights, in my opinion (I refuse to put “team” before everything).