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Questions Being Asked About TNA’s Future, More on AJ Styles’ Contract Status, Tonight’s Impact

– Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature Sting vs. Bully Ray in the main event, a Last Chance Gauntlet match with all 12 Bound For Glory Series competitors, Chris Sabin’s return, a special performance by Mickie James and more.

– As noted, AJ Styles has signed a three-month contract extension with TNA. AJ’s original contract with TNA called for raises each year. The new contract they were trying to get him to sign called for no raises and locked him in at his current salary. TNA did not give him a contract cutting his money. Both sides essentially agreed to at least work together until the end of this year, then they will see how or if the landscape has changed.

– Internally, there all kinds of questions being asked about the state of TNA. The situation is described as feeling similar to the end of the original ECW. A lot of people are still behind on pay, or at least were as of the last set of Impact tapings, particularly on the production side. Those issues, combined with Dixie Carter skipping the tapings to attend a college football game, led to all kinds of questions being asked about their future.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Greg

    Your right about punk and danielson. However you are talking about two guys who are at the absolute top of the wrestling profession. Both can do absolutly everything.
    They are so good that no matter how many times they got moved down the card they made it impossible to keep them there. Vince and most of creative thought both punk and danielson had no real future in wwe but their skill proved otherwise. However aj styles is neither daniel bryan nor cm punk. Aj is just as good in the ring as either one. However his promo ability is almost non-existant. Without it, he would never make i lt to the the top in wwe.

  • millerj265

    it does when your a tv network that produces shows that only last a year, maybe two. And TNA isn’t dependable, but the ratings they get are, it rarely drops under a .9 and is usually a 1.0 or better. I don’t watch tna and im not defending there lack luster product, im just stating a fact. Spike has to sell ad time and having a show with a dependable rating like tna has helps spike make money, plain and simple.

  • Ray Myer

    I was unaware pulling the same ratings as a Saturday morning children’s cartoon labeled TNA as ‘dependable’. Rofl.

  • CC

    and yet who are two of the biggest stars in WWE right now? Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Vince made neither of them, despite changing Danielsons name.

  • millerj265

    Well call up spike tv and tell them that, and advise panda energy to back out from supporting them. Because as long as tna, the longest running show on spike continues to deliver there dependable 0.9-1.5 ratings each week there not going anywhere. And panda energy is a billion dollar company so funding tna really isn’t hurting them at all, and they are im sure making some money off of tna, most likely from the tv deal tna gets with spike. So tna isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • millerj265

    Your right about his age that’s for sure, I think if he were to go to wwe he most likely would nvr reach main event level but hey midcard status in wwe is still better then main event level in tna. And about the heyman idea I said something similar to that in another post, actually I think with paul would be his best bet at getting a top level push, paul could talk and aj could dominate in the ring, and who wouldn’t wanna see a few aj styles cm punk ppv classics.

  • ddfindl

    I agree, but an upside to that situation would be WWE picking up those guys and getting to see them in front of much larger crowds, like they deserve. I can think of 6 – 8 guys on the TNA roster that could add a lot to WWE’s product in terms of quality, but will WWE capitalize on it and not screw them up storyline wise? We can only speculate.

  • ddfindl

    Who knows, we might see him and Sting early next year…

  • Daniel Schein

    Yeah the big issue with Styles in WWE is the guy’s 36 years old and his name is so etched in fan’s minds alongside TNA. He’s also average on the mic at best. I however believe he’d be more than worth picking up. Stick him with Heyman who could use another talent or two anyways in between Brock’s programs and could put over Punk before he’s back in the title picture. TNA really needs to inject more youth in the roster as some of the core guys like AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy etc are all in their mid to late thirties…..Still as good as ever, but getting up there. And the new talent they are trying to get over from the MMA world are in their late thirties and will likely require a year or much more just to be able to work a passable match… it’d be very easy for any of those talents to walk away anytime they wish. Magnus has tons of potential, but he isn’t ready to take the company on his shoulders and influence ratings, and the Knockouts division one of the big ratings boosters has been gutted recently. Sting, Angle, and Hardy all have question marks over how much longer they can go……..TNA definitely has serious problems right now and it’s important that the new wave of talent can deliver fast.

  • Ray Myer

    It’s time to put it to rest. Die with some dignity. In the sports entertainment business.. great wrestling with shitty storylines simply will not work. You have to carefully balance both and TNA has never been able to do that. They’ve ruined every major debut that had like Angle, Hardy, Anderson and others. And they don’t seem to take their product seriously. Or maybe none of us do. Either way.. just go away.

  • As much as I’m not a fan of TNA’s product, it would be really shitty if they went under. Nothing to root for, whatsoever. If TNA folded, not only would that make it harder for ROH or any other company to ever rise up on TV, but it would go back to not having any real competition at all for WWE. WWE being the only game in town has never exactly been good for business.

  • millerj265

    That’s very true but at the same time now might be his best bet to go anywhere in wwe, with Daniel Bryan being pushed as a top guy, and with guys like the shield doing very well for the wwe, I think the wwe is starting to realize the value in guys who can work and who truly love the business. Plus aj may not be a mega star but he definitely is a recognizable face in the wrestling world and he would create a lot of buzz and excitement with the fans if he jumped ship to the wwe. id venture to say hes a bit more well known around the world then bryan was when he joined the wwe in 2010 and listen to the pop he got when he was revealed as the mystery partner for team wwe back at summerslam 2010.

  • ddfindl

    Yeah thats what I was trying to say when I brought up that he probably wouldn’t like how use him. It’s unfortunate.

  • Greg

    The problem with that is aj would get buried in wwe IF they even hired him in the first place which is a long shot since vince doesn’t like elevating guys he hasn’t created.

  • ddfindl

    Lord, the head of the company can’t even be bothered to show up… I hate to say it (b/c he might not like what they do to him storyline-wise), but AJ Styles’ best bet financially is to try and sign with WWE and get some job security along with it. I know a lot of guys there have been pretty loyal to the brand, but if some of them don’t at least entertain the idea of jumping ship before the ship sinks, Vince might not be willing to buy them all up all at once – really sad.

  • One of the best actual wrestlers they had on their roster, a third generation star, had all the silly “it factors” they say they desire. And yet the push other, far lesser talent over him, and don’t even book him in matches. Pathetic.

  • Omar

    Makes sense

  • Irishrhyno

    That’s a good idea and Im glad he wasnt just sitting waiting on WWE to push him with his family on the back burner,he’s going to get to spend time with his kid and have nice break and maybe come back and pick up where he,and Rhodes. should of went after Legacy.


    Smh, what a waste of good talent, they could have atleast had him feud with or team up with cody rhodes for gods sake I mean geez