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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Signs to Work for TNA and Bellator

Spike TV announced today that they have signed Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to a deal where he will work with both Bellator as a fighter and TNA as a wrestler.

Jackson has previously expressed interest in pursuing a wrestling career. Here is a press release:


Los Angeles, CA – June 4, 2013 – Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the mixed martial arts icon and action-movie star has agreed to a monumental, multi-year partnership with Spike TV, Bellator MMA, and TNA Wrestling it was jointly announced today by Kevin Kay, Spike TV President, Bjorn Rebney, Bellator CEO, and Dixie Carter, TNA Wrestling President.

The landmark partnership includes Jackson competing in Bellator MMA, along with joining the superstars of TNA’s “Impact Wrestling,” which includes fellow Bellator fighter “King Mo” Lawal.

Spike TV will also create a special reality series featuring Rampage that will lead into his debut with Bellator, along with other entertainment initiatives.

“Rampage is a true superstar both inside and outside the MMA cage” Bellator CEO & Chairman Bjorn Rebney said. “The partnership that we’ve created with Quinton is unlike anything that’s ever been done in the sports & entertainment arena and Rampage is the perfect athlete/entertainer to carry it off.”

“Rampage is one of the best known MMA fighters competing today,” said Carter. “He is a true cross-over star and his talent, big personality and popularity among a wide range of fans make him an extraordinary fit for our company,”

“We are thrilled to create this opportunity for one of the greatest athletes and personalities in MMA,” said Kevin Kay, Spike TV President. “Rampage is a proven ratings driver who brings incredible star power to both Bellator and TNA.”

Jackson (32-11) joins Bellator as a former Pride and UFC champion, having last fought on Spike TV in September 2007, in a fight vs. Dan Henderson that drew nearly 6 million viewers, making it one of the most watched fights in the sport’s history. In 2009, Jackson served as a coach on Spike’s “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights,” the highest-rated season by far in franchise history, delivering over 3 million viewers per week. Rampage joins a Bellator Light Heavyweight division that features “King Mo,” Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Emanuel Newton, Attila Vegh and Vladimir Matyushenko.

The charismatic fighter from Memphis, TN began his professional MMA career in 1999 and established his legacy across the globe through epic battles with MMA titans including Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones and Dan Henderson among others.

Jackson starred in the 2010 blockbuster film, “The A-Team,” as “B.A. Baracus,” the character made famous by Mr. T in the television series. Jackson’s other film credits include “Confessions of a Pit Fighter,” “Fire With Fire,” “Never Surrender,” and “Miss March.”

More information regarding this signing will be made available at Wednesday’s press conference. Details on the press conference will be released shortly.

  • Pewp

    Why so you can see a couple little guys, hulk hogan, joeseph park and festus?

  • Pewp

    Instead, they will have Rampage go from his Angle match to joining Aces and Eights and has a few matches with Robbie E, Joeseph Park and maybe Curry Man. Then, he will call out dixie, and challenge Serge to an MMA fight where the winner gets Dixie for 30 days.

    Then, Rampage will lay down and lose, saying “Naw, who want that anyway?”

  • Pewp

    Rampage bumped from .8 to 1.0 to .8


    Yeah, whut.

  • Pewp

    King Mo has a Ohio Valley Wrestling match, actually. You can find it on youtube, you be the judge.


  • Daniel Schein

    The problem I have with Rampage is he’s already a big star and money maker in his MMA field, so when things get a bit rough physically, mentally, or emotionally as it does most wrestlers at some point, it will be very easy for him to walk away. The odds of him being a long term player are slim at best. On the plus side I’m not a huge fan of MMA as many Pro Wrestling fans are, but I have heard of Rampage and know who he is. So in the unlikely event he’s a natural in the ring, TNA could have a huge moneymaker with crossover following. If he’s a stiff in the ring which is more likely then TNA get’s a minor boost for a few weeks before nobody gives a damn. The first angle/match is going to be key for Rampage and here is how I book it……..Bringing him in as a face I feel can fade quickly with the crowd so I’d make him an a cocky bad ass. No cheap heat insulting the hometown of the crowd, just have him come in and announce himself as the greatest crossover wrestling star of all time and how he plans to cut through the roster like butter. He has the speaking skills to pull that part off at the very least. The obvious first feud for me would be with Kurt Angle who obviously would take exception to his claims and they can also play off Angel’s save wrestling campaign with Rampage calling it a dinosaur’s sport. Kurt Angle is by far the best choice since he can have a good match with a sack of potatoes and the storyline basically sets itself up with one promo. The face transition would happen quickly as I’d have him end up joining forces with Angle in a storyline feud that goes a few months against a team like a Bad Influence or Aces And Eights that can further get him over and cover any weaknesses. Hopefully TNA realizes the key to long term success is him learning how to wrestler as a sports entertainer not an MMA fighter that destroys people with two moves

  • Johhny

    and good ole dixie lets us down yet again

  • los322

    I think Rampage’s 32-11 record sh*ts on Lesnar’s 5-3 record lol

  • disqus_G36zPgPxbl

    Who the F wants to c this guy, this is the big free agent! Haaaaaa! Hes not lesnar and rampage loses all the time in ufc. Just another reason to watch the rocks new show instead of impact! P.S. weres King mo cause that worked well, lol!

  • Will Henderson

    so this is the big free agent TNA was hyping. wow, good luck with this, you already have King Mo and he hasn’t wrestled one match in TNA yet to get the results and there you go and hire another MMA fighter. i hope he won’t be a bust. King Mo hasn’t really debut as a wrestler yet so i can’t say he’s a bust, but he might be a bust for Bellator as he’s already lost a MMA fight there.

  • Ray Tran

    I guess I’ll have to start to watch TNA.

  • Dave

    Dixie Carter.
    I owe you an apology. I was convinced it was going to be John Morrison, or some other washed up, WWE reject in need of a pay cheque.
    But Rampage is a legit, big name fighter.
    Quite simply. Rampage will draw money and ratings.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Say what now…