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Randy Orton Addresses His 60-Day Drug Suspension, Online Battle For Privacy

Randy Orton addressed his recent 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program during an interview with WWE Magazine. He admits that the numerous reports published online regarding the suspension made it difficult for him, though not because of how he may be perceived by fans and his parents.

“That was really hard for me,” Orton says of the suspension. “Not because of how fans would look at me or how my folks would look at me. To be honest, my mom and dad were happy that I had 60 days off. I was worked to the bone for the last four years. What really hurt most about this suspension is that, when my [4-year-old] daughter’s older, she can go back and [read about me online].”

Save for the occasional Twitter post, Orton refrains from using social media due to the venom some people have directed toward him and his family online. He now regrets revealing his family life in last year’s WWE DVD release on his career, The Evolution of a Predator.

“I look back at my DVD that came out last year, and I had my wife and daughter on there,” Orton said. “I really, really, kick myself for doing that. It was a good story, but it just gives people ammunition. For all the good that me doing what I do has done for my family, there are just as many negatives.”

There are numerous pages on social media outlets Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, and other websites, dedicated to Orton and his private life. Some, however, are quite venomous and publish false information, which is his main source of contention. In his battle for privacy, Orton has taken matters into his own hands by personally contacting websites that have published alleged accounts of his outside-the-ring affairs and demanded that it be taken down.

He says of this new age of social media where wrestlers’ personal lives are exposed, “Instead of being able to tune in a few hours a week and watch us on TV, they can talk about us, claim to have knowledge about every aspect of our personal lives, type this knowledge, and then it’s written as truth.”

  • L

    It’s a joke people like rob ^^ u should be shot so simple minded it’s funny

  • cc

    @Dave … what the fuck are you talking about? They are on tv, are famous, are asked to be on talk shows, are reported about on the likes of TMZ, yet you dont think they are celebs?
    Do you even understand what the word means?

  • eric

    Well orton was doing drugs since wellness policy started in 2006. even in 2006 he had drug problems. he admit it in his dvd going back to 2006. so he has had more than 2 strikes. he gets free pass from vince and wwe. doesn’t get pink slip. Because of being big cash cow who brings in millions and millions to wwe every year. If he were mid card talent like swagger, mcintrye, or kofi kingston. he would be fired no questions ask. i respect orton as in ring performer as wrestler. or as wwe says sports entertainer. respect what he does inside ring every night for 10 yrs. At end of day orton has drug problem. going all way back to 2006. Jeff hardy has same drug problem. people on this site. many social networking sites. bash rip hardy all night long. But not same hate for orton. who is just as big of druggie as jeff hardy. kinda of sad and pathetic in my view. call it like i see it. orton has drugs problems. He makes millions and millions. his wife kid live in nice home. 2 wrong do not make right. orton is just as wrong. As mr jeff hardy. Double standard when it comes to people hating on jeff hardy for drugs. not same standard is for orton. they are both drug addicts who need professinal help!

  • moo

    His made his wife and daughter a very comfortable rich life by busting his ass on the road all the time, who cares if he smoked some weed or pops a pill now and again, its not like his doing crack or herion or something jeez.

  • rob

    if you cared, well then don’t do the drugs yuh idiot

  • dave

    i dont really understand, while wrestlers are famous, they are not really celebrities.