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Randy Orton Comments More on The Rock, John Cena and WrestleMania 28

– WWE Superstar Randy Orton appeared on the Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio podcast with Big D and Crisco recently, which you can listen to at this link. Orton was asked about John Cena, The Rock and WrestleMania 28:

“You know, that’s a tough question for me to answer,” Orton said. “I’ve answered it already a few times. Here’s the thing, I could be selfish and say that I feel it takes away from me, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and I will very humbly say that Cena, watching him come up and get better and better and just how smart he is in and outside the business, the business side, he knows what he’s doing out there. Rock? You know, he went and did the acting thing. I could see how one of our fans would be upset with him for coming back after all this time and saying, ‘I promise I won’t leave, I’m here for good, I’m here to stay.’

“The day after WrestleMania, this match, Cena vs. Rock, is made. And you thinking, man, is he going to be around to promote this match. Here’s the thing, Rock is so big time and that many more people are going to watch our show because of it. And for that, no matter how I feel about whether or not Rock is here, there, or wherever, I got paid for this past WrestleMania and I was happy with my payday. And I know that that number on that paycheck reflected him being present that day. If anything, Dwayne, if you’re listening, thank you. And I think everyone on the card owes him a thank you, because helped people watch our show. He helped ticket sales, plain and simple. He’s The Rock. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s entertaining.

“I guess in Australia, John Cena, I saw some stuff on the net where post-show for a live event, he said some disparaging things about Rock. And Rock gave his rebuttal… It was Rock himself doing a flip-camera video, and he cut a 12-minute promo on Cena. And after the promo, I was like, ‘Man, I never really thought about it like that before.’ It was pretty good. I had my wife come listen to it. Rock is awesome. I’ve said things before about his verbiage and writers helping come up with it.

“Here’s the thing, he’s as entertaining as it gets. The electricity that whole thing, you do feel it in the air. When you’re backstage, when I first started, he’s doing a live promo to the house and TV live at the same time, backstage I’d be peeking around the corner and watching him do his thing and hoping that one day that I could amount to an eighth of that energy. He’s better than anybody else out there when it comes to that, but John Cena is my boy. I respect what he’s done for this business and how hard he works for this business, so I will always have his back.”


  • venom

    I am all for Rock vs Cena, but I doubt it will be for the title. Rock vs Orton could be an idea for WM 29.

  • erik

    i enjoy rock in his 1996-2004 years in wwe. but he rock has not been on road with wwe over 200 days a year since 2003. morrison love him or hate him has been in wwe for 6 years. he didn’t take his ball go home like a little girl. morrison should face cena for wwe title. not rock who has not been in wwe for 7 years. same goes for vince girl trish!

  • Bitex

    “And for that, no matter how I feel about whether or not Rock is here, there, or wherever, I got paid for this past WrestleMania and I was happy with my payday. And I know that that number on that paycheck reflected him being present that day”

    That statement or reality alone is enough for the laziest wrestler in the back to work his butt off in order to get on wrestlemania 28 card. For him to come out and say this, he must have been a ridiculous amount of money for just being on the card.

    Now I understand why Melina and few other stars were fuming, it wasn’t just about the spotlight, but most importantly the MONEY!

    If a wrestler doesn’t do all he can from now till wrestlemania to get on that card, he only has himself to blame! I know I would take any crap just to get on that card, a CENA-ROCK main event?

  • road dogg

    Rocks the reason u earn what you earn. Rocky owns orton

  • Camille

    Orton backpedaling.

  • peep this

    Very well said sir. Thats about a clear as one could make a point. And most dont look at it that way. When I stated watch this show then WWF, it was on the fence about this product. I went to a live show and saw the Rock cut a killer promo. Its something you cant explain. Fan or no fan of the Rock. You cant deny what he and other had and contiune to do to help this company.

  • Saintimus

    Orton Rock would be a much better match. I wanna see Orton vs Rock. Now thinking about mania makes me sad.

  • abyg1

    Good job Randy. Now just admit that you didnt deserve any paycheck and you’ll be on your way. Follow god

  • Howe

    Seems like WWE brass had a conversation with Orton about his comments towards the Rock in interviews. He’s completely changed his stance.

  • Rucdogg

    I muust not have read the same interview as everyone else, he seems a lot more pro rock in this than in the past, he was giving the man his respect, that he deserves, at one point even saying he agreed with Rocks promo on Cena or something to that nature. Im an Orton fan, but even bigger Rock fan, to be honest I would rather see them wrestle at mania than cena, but cena is so huge right now, its almost like rock-hogan from mania 18.

  • Sean Mooney

    I’d like WWE to have Orton watching that Rock promo with one of his actress wives on Raw.

  • cenahater

    Orton feels his spot slipping I think

  • CenaSucks

    Sick of Orton running his mouth. Rocky came back and put this piece of shit over and all Orton has done is run his mouth.

    Cena is your boy, is he randy? Well you and cena can fuck off together then, sick of both these assholes. And Randy, if its the writers that make rockys material, then why the fuck do you suck so much on the mic

  • Saintimus

    Well said CC. Alot of people are too simple to understand that. I don’t wany Rock back full time. It would be fun to watch. But it will do the same thing Cena has done the past several years. Hold everyone on the roster back. Cena isn’t being pushed for talent and charisma. There are people who best him at both. R-Truth for one is more entertaining on the mic (before going crazy), and can wrestle generations better than Cena. But Cena is gonna be champ for the best part of the next 10yrs. He’ll be hogan 2.0, the same ppl will cheer for him then. But don’t be surprised when you see that over the next 10yrs no new stars were ever discovered. They have and will continue to feed talented wrestlers to Cena. Remember what happened to Bobby Lashley? Thats the future of all others.

  • JIR

    Give both Rock and Cena their due. Cena has impeccable work ethic he doesn’t show it but he can mat wrestle he doesn’t because he really has no need for it he gets over with the jimmys and that is his meal ticket. Rock has literally done it all in wrestling made his money and took his talent else where like Punk was threatening to do. Who can blame Rock for wanting to make more money and have less stress on his body after year of full time wrestling

  • CC

    “but John Cena is my boy. I respect what he’s done for this business and how hard he works for this business, so I will always have his back.””
    Well surely you should respect what a guy like The Rock has done for the business, instead of going off on him saying shit like he gets people to write his promos.
    Simple fact is, without guys like him and Austin, there wouldnt even be a WWE now, and maybe just maybe Randy Orton and John Cena would be wrestling in front of 30 people in some local indy fed.
    Simple fact is, without Rocky, Austin and DX etc, the WWF would not have been able to fight back and finally overhaul WCW as they were the guys that were the frontline guys during the Monday night wars. WCW ended up killing itself, allowing WWF to come back from near extinction, but had those guys not given their all during that era or not been with WWF, WWF would have fallen long before WCW had a chance to kill itself.

    Whatever The Rock is doing these days is immaterial, its his legacy that is important, and how he paved the way for these bad mouthing pricks who may not even have their current stardom without him.

  • Terrance

    Jump of the d!¢% orton. Rock did his thing. Wrestling fans arent stupid we know what it is

  • Kevin

    Well said Orton! After WM28 The Rock will be gone again so Cena needs to get the win.