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Randy Orton Still Being Pushed, Report on Sheamus, AJ Lee Visits Marvel HQ

– WWE Diva AJ Lee was at Marvel headquarters yesterday filming an interview with Lorraine Cink for Marvel’s The Watcher series.

– Due to the depth issues with WWE’s roster, Randy Orton will continue to be pushed near the top when he returns from suspension soon. Orton has been vocally frustrated in the sense that he believes he is better as a heel.

WWE feels they need one top babyface to anchor the live events and they are trying to get Sheamus there but aren’t sure if he’s ready yet, which is why Orton is still a babyface.

Orton is also frustrated because officials took his punt kick away from him, which was done because of the concussion issues.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Eddie Money

    “depth issues with WWE’s roster”? Maybe WWE isn’t looking hard enough. I’ll recognize the fact that yeah it’s a bit thin but it’s not like they don’t have enough guys that can be pushed and built right. I can’t believe that after violating wellness policy and then pissing everyone off at how nonchalantly he was handling his suspension he’s still coming back to a near top spot.

  • Stevie P

    Also adding to what Jimbo said, if Orton fails another test, he’s automatically fired. It’s something WWE has to do. So why push someone who is on the verge of being fired, regardless if he’s over or not?

  • Jimbo


    Quit being a moron, you never have anything intelligent to say. The issue isn’t about Orton being over, its about WWE having depth issues because they never put anyone over guys like Cena and Orton.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Reward Orton failing a drug test by pushing him? Imagine the message that will send to the locker-room.

  • Dave

    I saw that. And Mr Kennedy is a prime example of how temporary and fragile a position Dolph is in right now. Turn him face and he could go to the stars. But the longer they leave turning him, they could miss the opportunity to capitalise on his present popularity. They left it too late with Kennedy. He didn’t get as over. Then he got injured. Then the bust up with Orton. And that was the end of his WWE tenure.

  • ant

    people dont understand how over Orton is obviously

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Dave, the same thing happened with Mr. Kennedy. They were going along with his personal intro.

  • Stevie P

    For a little bit Orton was doing nothing but putting people over. Maybe they should go back to that.

  • Jimbo

    What depth issues? Just freaking push Rhodes, Barrett, and Ziggler. Having Orton come back and beat those guys again doesn’t solve depth issues! Shit, WWE. Get it together!

  • CC

    One minute we are being told WWE officials dont want him back, the next that they will continue to push him … the fence these reporters are sitting on must be very comfortable for them to sit there so long.

  • Dave

    Ziggler is just crying out for a face turn. The crowd have been cheering him for ages, even when they are supposed to boo him. I think he’s at a Rock at the end of his Nation of Domination days, point now. The crowd want to cheer him. Even though they are not supposed to. I think a face turn for him could elevate him to a Randy Orton/John Cena level of overness. If overness can be called a word.

  • jeff

    Make cena heel again.

  • Buttercastle

    So they don’t think Sheamus is there yet as a top face, yet he has the belt and wrestles against heels. UMMMMMM?

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    He was. Go back an look at the kick on Vince McMahon pre-Wrestlemania 25, I think. Vince took that kick. It was real.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    They took away his punt kick because of concussion issues? Its not as if he was actually kicking people in the head.

  • SYM

    Sheamus Won’t get Over. Hes so Boring. If the Dickhead WWE Writers would’ve had the Draft Already and Put CM Punk on SmackDown they would have what they want in 2 Top Babyfaces for each show. But u know the WWE Creative are Genuises -_-

  • False Idol

    I agree with all of the above and I also agree with taking the punt kick away. Myself recently suffered a concussion and I can say that the effectives are none to pleasent, so especially if you’re a professional athelte, this one thing you should not risk!

  • Albert

    the thing is @Man they dont get the same reaction, but yea you cant blame them cause their not getting the chance to…

  • umpire4life

    Orton needs to be a mid-card jobber for a while. He is one strike away of “YOU’RE FIRRRRED”. I’m from St. Louis, but fell kinda embarassed by his actions.

  • Man

    Why cant WWE push guys like Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes that have more talent and personality? Randy Orton has become boring in recent years. He hardly ever talks on the mic and his Legend Killer gimmick was better.

  • Maxwell

    Randy is frustrated?

    Dude be lucky your coming back! Espically while still being pushed.