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Randy Orton Required to Take Impact Test After Concussion

Randy Orton suffered a legitimate concussion at WWE’s Smackdown house show from Madrid, Spain on Sunday. The injury occurred during the triple-threat main event match for the World Heavyweight title against Christian and Sheamus. WWE’s Wellness Policy requires performers who suffer concussions to pass an ‘Impact Concussion Test’ before returning to action.

Randy Orton tweeted the following on Friday afternoon:

“About to take an Impact test. It will determine if I can be cleared to fight Christian, after receiving a concussion. Wish me luck.”

We’ll keep you posted with his status when we get an update.

  • venom

    I like Orton, but I hope he won’t compete at Capitol Punishment. I think it will be Christian vs Sheamus.

  • Awesome1

    Of course. He will tell the doctor “Give me clearance or I will punt you in the skull”, he will go to VKM “Keep me champion or I will punt you in the skull”, He will go out to the ring “How about I punt you both in the skull”… Its hard not to make fun of his predictable, stale, one line promos… But seriously he will most likely stay champ even with his monthly injuries, he will be fed talent each and every week, RKO the roster, rinse and repeat.

  • Jimbo

    Concussion or not, I’m sure WWE will find a way to keep him as champion.