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Randy Orton Salary Claims “Laughable”, Further Update on His Pay

— TMZ recently reported Randy Orton’s take home pay was $291,666/month, however his base salary is likely to be closer to one million a year with his
total salary being bumped due to revenue from merchandising etc.

One source called the report on Orton’s salary “laughable” but admitted there may have been some months where that figure was being hit. It’s believed that no wrestlers are contracted for more than a million per year, except huge names like the Rock or Brock Lesnar.

Credit: F4WOnline

  • Timothy Davis

    It would be including merch but like an nfl team you would have like the top 5 or so talents raking in high salaries and guys like Justin Gabriel making 100k. Itd balance out so I could see him making that. Vince’s salary is 1.2 because he owns the company and gets the money on the back end of the total revenues probably and the salary at this point is pointless. Like Steve Jobs making a dollar a year.

  • Graves

    See, that’s where you’re wrong. If you want to attract huge names who would otherwise be uninterested? You have to pay big money. Big names = big ratings. Big ratings = big money. The more money you make, the less of a hit you take in paying these guys that can draw ratings and bring in revenue.

  • WWE shouldn’t be paying part-time, only appear a few times a year guys more than full time guys. That’s BS.

  • d_pooch

    Well, duh, most people probably assumed that was a good month including merchandising, movies and other sources. Even WWE couldn’t afford to have someone on that sort of salary. Heck, Vinnie Mac’s “salary” is only $1.2 million, but he obviously makes more than that.