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Randy Orton Gives His Thoughts On Brock Lesnar, WWE Remembers Rick Rude

— During an interview with The Fight Club Chicago in November, Randy Orton was asked about Brock Lesnar being showcased in THQ’s WWE ’12 video game.

“I think its great. I’m a big Lesnar fan and I’ve always been. We came up together about 10 years ago now. Me and him were buds. We’ve lost touch over the years as you usually do with guys like that, but I wish him the best,” the SmackDown Superstar said.

“I know he’s had a few health issues as of late. But, hell conquer those just like he’s conquered every other obstacle that has come his way. I true l feel he’s one of the few human beings I’ve ever met that have been able too accomplish as much as he’s accomplished. He puts his mind, body and soul into it and he’s gunna get it done.”

The full interview is available at Orton also gave his thoughts on The Rock.

— has added “Ravishing” Rick Rude to their Alumni section. The profile includes photos and videos from his career in WWE and WCW.

  • Malin

    @SheepDog: It’s depressing that speaking your language correctly means so little to you. Good luck finding decent employment.

  • Gregoo

    Randy Orton is licking Lesnars balls, Lesnar has no talent.

  • ant

    @poko..if lesnars gonna do to him what he did to cena he better damn well be intimidated

  • Gorilla

    OMG its the viper he hears voices…lame.what a bunch a crap…and Orion still got the most boring main event in history of mania yup at mania25 he put crowd to sleep

  • Jimbo

    Rick Rude in the hall of fame is long overdue.

  • poko

    Orton vs. Lesnar actually makes for a more compelling match-up than Lesnar vs. Cena. Cena has had that nearly pacifist attitude lately, where he’s always smiling and talking about unicorns and rainbows, but I don’t think Orton’s character would be intimidated by Lesnar.

  • TheSheepDog

    ah go choke on an English textbook malin, pedantic prick.

    RIP Rick too, taken too soon, gone too long already

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Orton vs Lesnar Over The Limit ?

  • Malin

    “you’re” = “you are”

  • Mark

    hope your resting in peace Rick wherever you are