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Randy Orton Update, Bret Hart Working WWE Events, SmackDown, More

– ECW founder Todd Gordon turns 56 years old today.

– Stan sent word that there was 29 minutes and 56 seconds of in-ring action on this past Friday’s SmackDown. This is down from the previous week.

– WWE announced at last night’s Supershow that Bret Hart will be appearing at the SmackDown live event in White Plains, NY on July 24th. Bret will also be special refereeing the July 23rd SmackDown live event main event between Randy Orton and Christian.

– Randy Orton did not compete at last night’s Supershow in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Christian ended up facing Daniel Bryan and announced before the match Orton couldn’t compete due to the concussion but would compete at Capitol Punishment.

  • Jimbo

    I misread that, apologies.

  • Jimbo

    Oh I’m sorry. Apparently I have no taste because I don’t like Randy Orton as champ. Well that settles that then.

  • Rucdogg

    Lol @ CC, people have no taste because they like Randy Orton? Kinda sucks cuz Id like to think I have taste, and Orton is one of my favorite wrestlers.

  • venom

    I can see them taking Orton out of the match. They will probably show a video Orton laying on the ground knocked out. Then Christian will have a mystery opponent. Christian goes in the ring and the lights go out and we hear Undertaker’s song. Wishful thinking.

  • CC

    @Jimbo. If it was only a matter of him retaining, then he wouldnt have to compete to do that. Simple fact is they have more tied up in PPVs than they do in house shows, so the more rest he gets, the better.

    Sadly there are people with no taste who pay to see him, and they might not bother with the PPV if he is off the card.

    It could equally be that they plan to put the strap on Christian, so dont want to throw a spanner in the works by having Orton not appear.
    I know thats the wild option, but its possible.

  • Ryan

    i hope bret shows up at RAW in edmonton on aug. 22nd!

  • Jimbo

    He will compete at the PPV? Yup, he’s retaining. Will probably be some BS match with an “RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!” 2 minutes in.