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Randy Orton’s Backstage Reaction to SummerSlam Finish with Brock Lesnar, What was he Told?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has offered more insight into the build up to the Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar SummerSlam match and how ‘The Viper’ essentially learned his fate when arriving at the arena that day.

Orton expected to have a legitimate main event match with one of WWE’s biggest stars but was told the bout was going to be booked to make Lesnar look as nasty as possible, and as we saw, ‘The Beast’ decimated Orton with such ferocity that the referee would stop the match. Lesnar achieved that by using an elbow to cut him open and it’s reported that Randy was told this could be pulled off without actually hurting him. Now considering Orton received 10 stitches to the head and a gigantic gash in his skull, that’s not really how the situation played out. He was hurt.

After the match, Orton then had to diffuse Chris Jericho backstage, who had gotten in a physical altercation with Lesnar over what happened during the match, and explain that the match was a ‘work’ and that he had agreed to it all.

The Observer also notes the following which is particularly interesting and paints a picture of Orton not being particularly happy with the events of that evening.

One person noted that Orton was told to do it, but wasn’t expecting it to be the way it was. He wasn’t going to complain publicly about it but also was never going to do that kind of a favor again and wasn’t particularly thrilled by it.

  • JC Bolden

    No I had no clue this whole thing was scripted sir. Now if I could be serious for a minute… Give me a break. Did you see Brock’s work in her first run? Heck even when he first came back his matches with Cena, Punk, HHH ect. He’s lazy in the ring now Ambrose confirmed that and WWE allows it. Yes he’s a huge name but that’s not a pass to go out there and do the same thing. He’s pretty much wrestling like Scott Steiner did in 2003. That along with the preferential treatment is why people are starting to resent him. Jericho blindsided him? The report was that Brock heard Jericho as he came through the curtain. So much circulating about that story that the only thing that is for certain is that Jericho was resdy to throw down.

  • D2K

    I think you need to be informed that the gentleman you responded too with that condescending diatribe was watching wrestling while you were still a rocket in your dad’s pocket. There is nothing that you said, nor could tell him about the sports entertainment industry that he doesn’t know. I myself am 14 years your senior.

    Using red-herrings and ad-hominems are an antiquated form of message board debates. He stated his opinion as an opinion. You stated your opinion as fact. Big difference.

    I find it hard to believe that WWE management is telling Brock Lesnar to ONLY do the belly-to-back suplex in his matches. How would Brock using an standard suplex, belly-to-belly, gutwretch, t-bone, overhead belly-to-belly, snap, in addition to the belly-to-back suplex make Brock look LESS like a beast? He’s done all these suplexes before. The guy hit the BIG SHOW all 450 pounds of him a the time with an overhead belly-to-belly once. C’mon.

    That is HIS decision to do that, or NOT do that and since WWE obviously allows him to do what he wants, who is gonna tell him to stop? What is so impressive about multiplexing someone over and over again with little or no offense outside of that? If this is just about the “script” and WWE is “scripting” these shallow performances by Lesnar and according to you the reason it happens is because WWE wants him to look like a beast, then why is it necessary to pay someone 4 million dollars a year to do this when anyone on the roster can do the same thing? How hard is it to do a belly-to-back suplex? As I stated in a different post, those suplexes he did to Orton looked terrible. Either Orton was sandbagging (because he was upset about the match being changed,) or Lesnar is getting even lazier.

    They can come out and give their usual media spin on what happened, but their excuses don’t fit the facts. I think that Orton was pissed about the change of the match, he sandbagged Brock, and Brock gave him a receipt. Simple as that. It’s not the first time something like that has happened in the world of professional wrestling, and it’s not going to be the last. But, that is my OPINION, not FACT.

    Brock Lesnar didn’t get to where he is by doing the same moves over and over. He was a complete sports entertainer capable of putting on great matches with anyone. Randy Orton probably had less than 3 minute of offense in that match. That is unacceptable as your main event match for the second biggest PPV of the year.

    …since you have the WWE Network, go back and watch the SummerSlam match between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. Then watch the match again from this year’s SummerSlam between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar and you tell me what looks like legit main event and what doesn’t.

    It’s one thing for WWE to book Brock in mini-squash matches which they clearly are doing and it is a terrible idea and completely unnecessary. It’s another thing for Brock to make the decision that I’m just gonna do belly-to-back suplexes for 10 minutes, F-5, go home. There is plenty of blame to go between WWE and Lesnar himself.

    So no, there is no excuse for it at all. We know Brock generates a lot of revenue for WWE, but if he is as hand-off of his gimmick as you claim, then WWE is wasting their money because they can book anybody they choose the exact same way.


  • MrDr3w

    I’m 25 and I’ve been watching wrestling for the majority of my life. Plus, past clips/matches/PPVs/interviews on the network. Why?

  • D2K

    How old are you by chance?

  • MrDr3w

    WWE makes money off of his massive merch sales, ratings due to fans of UFC crossing over to watch WWE because of him, as well as multiple sports media sources who cover WWE now because of him, and I’m sure Jimmy John’s pays them too for advertising. You’re paying $9.99 at the most to watch him. I think the WWE will manage to survive, despite your personal dissatisfaction. I’m sure he’s WELL worth the money they’re paying him. If he wasn’t, Then they wouldn’t be paying him that and he’d be working in UFC exclusively right now.

    And as far as “phoning in matches”? You do know that the matches are scripted, right? They WANT him to make it look easy, because they WANT him to look like a beast. That particular match with Orton went A LOT longer than most, if not all, of his MMA fights. So I really don’t know what you’re disappointed about.

    Lastly, and for the record, Jericho approached Lesnar before he was even able to get through the curtain to backstage, essentially blindsiding him.

  • Mister Who

    Yeah, I hate how WWE are giving Lesnar special treatment

  • D2K

    No it is not

  • JC Bolden

    How much stuff is Lesnar going to get away with. The roids, going into business for himself, apparently calling Jericho names that could get him in trouble? I mean seriously I like Brock but everyone should be on an equal playing field. Jericho is part time and he plays by the rules. As much as the Rock comes and goes he’s pretty clean. A bit isolated and feeding his own ego but he’s not going out hurting guys and phoning in matches. Let’s see. Clothesline, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, get busted open on the poles, suplex, suplex, F-5. That ain’t worth 4mill

  • ROB-1.

    Next time Orton gets Lesnar he should make Lesnar bleed without telling anyone.