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Randy Orton’s Injury Reportedly Legitimate, WWE’s Year In Comebacks

— reported Thursday that company physician Dr. Michael Sampson examined Randy Orton and said he suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level on the left side, which has resulted in pain and weakness down his leg.

“He’s going to need some time off for rehab, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy,” said Dr. Sampson. reports that his injury is legitimate. Orton had been complaining of the injury for two weeks which is why his physical workload was reduced prior to the injury angle shot at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Indianapolis, Indiana. says the injury could keep him sidelined for a few weeks.

— has posted an article reflecting on the numerous comebacks to take place in 2011. Booker T, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Trish Stratus, the “Classic” Intercontinental Championship, Mick Foley, masked Kane and The Rock are highlighted.

  • Pakk

    Radon I mean reason man I’m have bad grammar

  • Pakk

    @JIR is pure crap, we all know that wrestling is just for entertainment. So theirs no radon why hating or disliking that Randy ….

  • Zidano666

    2012 will b the year Dolph Ziggler shines mark my words!!!!!

  • Gary

    once again im not going to forget what i shall at the indianapolis event, then the time gets cut from 6 months to ‘a few weeks’ from someone with spinal cord issues, its not flexable, your doctor will place a str8 timeline for you and adjust it after a few days/weeks of improvment….the injury still feels like a work to me, he might be hurt, might i dont think its as bad as they say it is

  • JIR

    @Generic Troll I hear you NEVER WISH HARM UPON ANYONE don’t people understand everyone has people that care/depend on them we all have families

  • arrrrr truth

    the back can be tricky. if the herniated discs arent agitated more over the next few weeks then his rehab should be steady and quick. if nothing improves thats when they go in for surgery and thats when months of recovery is needed. those discs are as low as you can get practically and his whole lower body will be shot if he doesnt get a break. this is a decent time of year for him to be gone as he isnt needed for the wrestlemania hype and his comeback could draw ratings when they would need them most post-mania

  • Mark

    these websites dont have come up with some bolux. first its 6 mths now its just a few weeks.

  • Legend Killer

    So we’ve gone from 6 months to a few weeks?

  • CC

    Why on earth is this report stating that the injury is legitimate?
    Do they really think WWE would write Orton out for six months if the injury isnt real? Especially as they then felt the need to offer ticket refunds because of it.

    As much as I dislike Orton, WWE has invested far too much in him to just let him take six months off for no reason.

  • Generic Troll

    @JIR pretty safe bet seeing the pushes they are having in late 2011, they deserve it too though.

    Now.. as much as I hate Randall, I absolutely hate the above people who posted the comments wishing he be so injured he never comes back.. what on earth makes you think its okay to wish someone to be so severely injured that they can’t earn their living and follow their dreams, that is just disgusting to wish that upon anyone, look at what happened to Edge, how can you wish that on anyone. Even if it is your worst enemy, or in this case most hated wrestler.. Whats he ever done to you eh? Nothing warrants that

  • JIR

    @Bill with all due respect you got it wrong

    2011: Year of Punk

    2012: Year of the HEEL

    Mark my words Rhodes, Ziggler, and Wade will each have a breakout year

  • Bill

    2011: Year of Punk!

    2012: Year of RAW IS JERICHO!

  • Epic

    Ortan are so BORING when he are face , if Orton will soon not be heel he can go retire

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve never seen so many boys jealous of boys need to get a life!!!!

  • BestInTheWorld

    Yeah because Randy retiring or never coming back is going to help the WWE…he is one of the biggest draws and merchandise sellers for the WWE. Use common sense people.

  • Will Henderson

    over/under until the headline of “Orton to have surgery”, i say two weeks tops.

  • nick

    i feel like 2002 had more memorable returns…

    2002 returns- triple h, goldust, mr.perfect, hulk hogan, scott hall, kevin nash, shawn michaels, eric bischoff, scott steiner

  • if we are lucky Orton will retire. 🙂

  • grizz

    If we are lucky, Orton will never come back.

  • SusyRko

    2011 was a great year for Wwe, you can see that greater things will come for the company, new talent is taking ova!