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Rare Pic Of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre On Halloween


Sheamus and Drew McIntyre on Halloween

  • the great gali

    thought sheamus is holding a dildo…lol

  • marcia

    sheamus looks like a jar of mayonaise. He’s spooky!

  • Tory

    sheamus looks ashame-us

  • George

    @The “S” Yes, it is Tiffany.

  • answer man

    Sheamus is a Moondog.

  • The “S”

    Drew is dressed as Brutus The Barber Beefcake

    is that Tiffany in the middle

  • drg

    What is sheamus supposed to be? haha

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com W-E

    Pieman, I was thinking more the “old school” Rockers!

  • Pieman

    Looks like Drew robbed an outfit off John Morrison.

  • Simon

    I knew Shaemus had a sense of humour, that was obvious after the whole Santino stuff. But Drew? Never thought hed be the type for bright lime green velvet costumes. Guess we wont see him cracking any jokes however…

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