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Rating For Monday’s WWE RAW

WWE RAW scored a 2.03 rating on Monday night, which is down from the 2.28 rating the show did last week. The show drew 2.97 million viewers, which is down from the 3.254 million average the show did last week.

Hour one averaged 3.043 million viewers, hour two drew 3.109 million viewers, and the final hour of the show averaged 2.758 million viewers.

RAW went up against the NBA Finals (game 5) between Cleveland and Golden State, which drew 20 million viewers.

  • oppa

    Just wait until Monday Night Football comes back. Things will drop then also.

  • If you think the ratings are bad now, just wait until the brand split takes effect. Then a 2.03 will be looking pretty good. The brand split caused ratings to tank last time from which they have never recovered and I will bet that history is about to repeat itself.

  • oppa

    The ratings drop like this and people in the IWC wonder why WWE wants The Rock to come back as much as possible.