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Rating for The Rock’s RAW Segment, JBL on a WWE Return, Vickie Wants GM Job

– Vickie Guerrero says she should be the General Manager for RAW and SmackDown. She is campaigning on Twitter:

“Its time for a woman to take control as GM for Smackdown and Raw, I have the experience!!!! #cougar in charge”

– Former WWE Champion JBL wrote the following to fans who were asking him about a WWE return:

“Sorry, WWE has never asked about coming back more than a one off- happy coaching kids in Bermuda! Gotta make a difference-or try at least!”

– As noted before, this week’s WWE RAW Supershow scored a 3.1 cable rating with 4.65 million viewers. Even with The Rock’s return, the rating was down from the week before. The Rock’s return and segment with John Cena at the end of RAW drew the highest rating of the night with a 3.5 overrun rating.

  • shorty

    kpnuttzlol are you kidding? VIckie Guerrero Staying on as GM of raw and smack down? VIckie guerrero will run the shows once again like she did before and sleep her way to the top to get what she wants with every male wwe superstar, I think that william regal Mick Foley or Teddy long or Triple H should be the general manager of both Raw and smackdown

  • Little Jimmy

    I’d rather see Mike Adamle return As Raw GM before Vickie. His name is Jest Harvey.

  • shorty

    vickie guerrero was not great at all as gm of raw and smackdown when vickie guerrero was general manager of raw and smackdown she used her position of gm to sleep her way to the top with the wwe superstars edge eric escobar, big show, dolph ziggler and jack swagger, think vickie guerrero should just stay standing at ringside andnot running the show

  • Will Henderson

    of course the Rock’s segment drawled the highest ratings, WWE fans who are also NASCAR fans decided to turn away from the Daytona 500 because of the long 2 hour delay caused by Juan Pablo Montoya hitting a Jet Dryer truck while under caution for another blowing his engine in the race. the Jet Dryer truck caught on fire and it too a while to put the fire out and that truck spilled jet fuel, diesel fuel and Race car fuel and other fluids that were inside Juan Pablo’s car.

  • christina

    Shawn Michaels for GM of Raw and Smackdown

  • KpNuttzLol

    Vickie should stay as a Manager. She was great as Gm and that did help to get HER over but now it’s better to keep her as a Manger and put other talents over.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    WWE already did Vickie as GM and that ran its course. Please try something new.