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Rating For This Week’s Episode Of Impact Wrestling, Video Of Shaq’s Appearance

– Thursday’s “Open Fight Night” episode of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV posted a 1.01 cable rating. The figure is up from last week’s show, which garnered a 0.97 rating.

The program averaged 1.340 million viewers over the course of two hours, an increase of 100,000 viewers from the previous two weeks.

– TNA Wrestling has released footage of NBA great Shaquille O’Neal’s appearance on Impact Wrestling Thursday. During a backstage encounter with Hulk Hogan, Shaq says he has back in his battle with Aces and 8s.


– Crimson and Hernandez have been announced to appear at The Big Event 3 taking place Saturday, October 6 at the Courtyard Marriott LaGuardia Airport 9010 Ditmars Blvd. East Elmhurst, New York.

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • eric

    Tna is no competion. Tna has been around for 10 yrs. they are still under radar. Is still in low 1’s. When wcw was around for 10 yrs. they were drawing in 3’s and 4’s. tna is going no where. They used to be a good alterative from wwe. Since hulk hogan and eric bischoff came in in 2010. they are same as wwe. only can’t draw big ratings or fill seats in arenas. hulk hogan has turned tna into wwe sister company. wwe has general manager since 2002. atm tna has general manager. wwe has had hall of fame for a couple decades. tna now is copying wwe hall of fame. wwe aces and 8’s is nexus copy cat angle. can tna come up with any new ideas? What made old wcw competion. was fact wcw had new ideas. Were doing stuff old wwf was not. crusierweight divison in 1996. wwe was not doing. nwo faction was interesting made wcw competion. tna went to monday nights 2 yrs ago in 2010. tna lasted month. lost alot money. tna seems hopeless. they are not competion. tna needs to get rid of hogan and bischoff. come up with new idea. that will peel off wwe viewers. help tna get out of low 1’s start drawing big ratings.

  • barry horowitz type like a fucking retard.

  • mtlhitman

    TNA have to get more great free agent left to be sign : Beth Phoenix could be use in the women division – Kevin Nash could be use as an enforcer in ace’s’and 8 – Shawn Waltman could be use as a member of the ace’s and 8 – Keven Steen as a new wrestler coming from ring of honor – get some mexicain to build a decent cruiseweight/ultimate-x division – Jeff Jarrett could be use as a guy to get some wrestler up boost their credibility and doing more live event and get some celebrity and they could have 1.5 – 2.0 rathing in less then a year but i have to say they are trying and did raise their rating wont trash on them since competition is good for the business and good for us the fan to have a plan B when the other show get boring.

  • poko

    Whoa. I’m more than a bit surprised by a 1.01 with a New York team playing an NFL game. Perhaps the fact that it was a blow-out had something to do with it. Still, they have to be pleased.