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Ratings for Last Night’s WWE RAW Supershow

The ratings are in for Monday’s RAW – and the numbers tell a story of fans being dissatisfied with WWE’s “walk out” storyline.

Monday’s RAW drew a 3.26 rating and averaged 5,021,000 viewers for the two hour broadcast. While this is up from recent weeks, the hourly ratings are cause for concern.

The first hour of RAW drew a strong 3.49 rating with 5,375,000 viewers, a sign that WWE fans were very interested to see the fallout from last week’s “walk out.”

The second hour took a nosedive, as the rating dropped to a 3.02 with 4,667,000 viewers – a loss of approximately 13.5% of the audience.

The first hour of RAW featured very little in-ring action, the surprise return of Vince McMahon, the firing of Triple H and John Laurinaitis being named as the new interim RAW General Manager. WWE created a buzz last week and built up a lot of interest in Monday’s RAW – but the overall feedback on what WWE delivered has been overwhelmingly negative and Monday’s rating reflects this.

  • Nicholas

    @Venom TNA wish they had a guy like HHH in there company. A guy that understand the business then any of the older guys in TNA right now.

  • venom

    HHH brings better ratings than TNA.

  • Titan

    Way to kill the best storyline of the year. Wtf happened with punk “shoot” ?!? They are improvising week by week

  • Liam Catterson

    While TNA does a 0.001 rating_______________WHHHAAAAAAAAAT?!

  • Nicholas G

    I love it how all the haters seem to not know what they are talking about. I mean with Baseball and Monday night football going on Raw still did a 3.26. WWE has spark some kind of interest an it fun to watch again. An the haters still are crying on HHH ratings killer not if he going to be returning to the ring he not. I mean someday he will be running WWE once again but he still got a lot more left to do in the ring.

    I think WWE and Raw did better then expect last night. An to me that show signs that things are getting better in the WWE. I mean with going up against Baseball and Football an still do a 3.26. That shows WWE is doing something right. An with The Rock,Undertaker and Mick Foley who I thinking going to be the new GM returning soon that mean things in WWE are only going to get better.

  • KitKrock

    Triple H = ratings killer.

  • beardsly

    How does this reflect negatively…the numbers were better than previous weeks plus the numbers are better at the beginning when the promo, firing, etc take place but get worse when actual wrestling happens. This to me would mean that after the storyline walkout people don’t care much…therefore the only important storyline was the walkout.

  • Effmenow

    Why does TNA always get brought up on the WWE section. The TNA bashing is old news. Get original kids.

  • Controversy = Cash

    Its sad how one Raw is a TNA pay-per-view multiplied by 3

  • really

    good reference

    Raw is getting worse, it needs an overhaul bad

  • Bawb

    WWE is just like what the Asian grounds crew say in Major League: “They’re still shitty.”