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Ravishing Russian Lana’s Amazing Legs (and Booty) Photos

  • AD

    She can put me in a leg lock any time lol.

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    I agree with you but the bob fits her character.

  • Melvin Snicker

    Nice legs and Butt

  • Jack S. Pratt

    She looks better with her hair down and not in a bob, IMHO.

  • dem legz

    I’d love to see her in a pair of sheer stockings or pantyhose. She is definitely one of very few ladies with a pair of legs that look great even without hosiery (I’d still love to see her in nylons though..real hose, not fishnets!) She’s got the best looking legs in wrestling since Stacy Keibler.

  • Yellow Devil


  • AmishPatel


    What is the issue? I’ve checked in 3 different browsers, and my phone and all work fine. Can you let me know and if possible email screenshots to amish@wrestling-edge.com


  • Robbie Murphy

    are yous ever going to fucking fix the pic section as you dont get to see half the poxy things with this fucking useless silder pile of shit,btw the way the swear words are to make you aware of the issue as yous have to mod it, and as the owner couldnt be arsed to answer in that post he made a few weeks back asking what we thought of this horrible new set up

  • d_pooch

    Me likey.

  • Twone78

    I hope 2 see more from Ravishing Russian Lanas Amazing. Thata a good looking woman. Most Divas dont look that good with a suntan. The woman is bad.LOL!!!! SHE GOT LEGS & KNOWS HOW 2 USEM LOL!!!! DAMN!!!!

  • TheFizPop

    Best legs since that down right slutbag Stacey though!! ohh the fapps to be had then and now again

  • TheFizPop

    She has nothing on Ziggler imo!

  • Shawn OB

    I’ve never drooled so much reading WWE news in my life before now.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I wonder if she’ll appear on Raw with her hair down like that at any point. Nice.

  • Hasan


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