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RAW Breakdown: Kharma’s Big Segment, Truth vs. Cena Main Event and More

– As noted before, last week’s Memorial Day edition of WWE RAW scored a 3.07 cable rating with 4.70 million viewers. Here’s a segment-by-segment breakdown:

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 44,000 viewers from the opener while the segment with Alberto Del Rio talking about Big Show gained 41,000 back. Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. The Bella Twins then gained 23,000 viewers.

Michael Cole and Alex Riley’s segment, which led to The Miz and Riley brawling, gained 315,000 viewers. This is lower than usual for a top of the hour segment, bringing the rating to a 3.20. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk lost 213,000 viewers, which is actually better than usual for that time slot.

Kharma’s speech gained 210,000 viewers, which is higher than usual for that time slot. Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger’s rematch lost 53,000 viewers, which actually isn’t bad for that time slot, considering the time of the segment and the two Superstars involved. The main event of R-Truth vs. John Cena gained 615,000 viewers, giving the show a 3.47 overrun rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • erik

    I think tna should edit hogan segments off tna. that would add more viewers no hogan segments. hogan not in tna=ratings up hogan on tna= ratings down!

  • erik

    r-truth another tna reject should get w raise for making fun of thoses stupid cena fans.

  • cheesehandler

    R-Truth is my hero. he’s a hero one can be proud of

  • venom

    WWE Raw with no audio in the beginning is better than Hogan talking in the ring.

  • Howe

    Just an idea: Maybe viewership from the start of the show was down because of technical issues. Casual fans were probably turned off by not being able to hear and just never came back.

  • Beardsly

    The reason for the bad rating is because people weren’t watching it from the beginning!!! Yes they may have had the adds and drops but if you don’t have the mass amounts at the beginning you won’t have a high rating. If WWE was smart they’d setup something big for the beginning to have people tune in and then continue with a maybe mediocre RAW with decent segments…then you’ll have a better rating!

  • Jaspreet

    So even after having above average ratings for most of the segments, the overall rating was just 3.07??? Sounds like theres a flaw somewhere.

  • shawn

    just what i always wanted, a heel r-truth. but dont let him ad-lib! “i want my theme song back!!!”. dont think ya do buddy. lol

  • Stevie P

    R-Truth is an AWESOME heel. Him, Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. I hope he remains this way for a while.

  • wAnxTa

    More heel R-Truth = MORE VIEWS !