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RAW Delayed Viewership Update, Lesnar-Angle’s Iron Man Match, SmackDown, Lawler

– Devin sent the following: Jerry “The King” Lawler will be at the Legends Of Wrestling event in Harrison, Arkansas on August 20th, 2011. Also appearing are Butch Reed and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton. Go to for additional info about the event.

– On this day back in 2007, the word “Smackdown” was added to Webster’s Dictionary.

– The June 6th WWE RAW had 306,000 homes watching on time delay or DVR, a drop from previous weeks. This turns out to 9% watching it delayed or 91% watching it live. The first hour of WWE TV that night, which was the Tough Enough finale, had 155,000 delayed homes or 7.3% watching it delayed.

– The Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar Iron Man match from the September 18th, 2003 WWE SmackDown runs for 1 hour and 4 minutes on WWE’s upcoming Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD, according to WWEDVDNews. This indicated that the match will be shown in its entirety, without commercial breaks that you would have seen on TV.

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  • erik

    @jason when it comes to good wrestling matches. wwe doesn’t have talent now it had 10 years ago. no good tag teams women wrestlers. main event scene is weaker than micheal cole!

  • Jason

    wrestling died on 2002? i still see it on my TV every monday thursday and friday. maybe you should turn your tv on.

  • The Alex

    @CC Wow, i think you’re taking this too serious.

  • cheesehandler


  • CC

    I did laugh at this statement:
    “This indicated that the match will be shown in its entirety, without commercial breaks that you would have seen on TV.”
    Like they have commercial breaks on DVDs.
    Yes, we understand that it could be edited down for time, but to say there wont be any commercial breaks is quite funny.
    I understand what is meant by it, ie that we will be seeing footage that wasnt shown on tv rather than editing the match together so there will be slight jumps where the breaks would have been, but think it could be worded better.

  • Bill

    Wow. They actually have a good match on a DVD with Cena on the cover….

  • JipC

    lol @ matt so true. I thought HBK -Triple H wrestling errr sports entertaining for 75 ppvs was stale, at least they could wrestle. Orton is decent when he doesnt make retarded faces or sellin a knee injury every match. Cena wrestles like a blind robot and these two have 0 chemistry. And if you thought HBK -Triple H was stale, Orton Cena still have at least 10 more yrs (122 potential PPVs) to bore us to death again. Wrestling died April 2002. End of story

  • Matt

    thats because orton/cena is a natural sedative, they all fell asleep

  • nick

    they sat thru orton-cena

  • really!

    I wonder if the current WWE kid audience can sit through an iron man match?