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RAW Draws Overall Strong Rating This Week

The ratings are in for Monday’s 3-Hour “RAW Gets Rocked” edition of WWE RAW.

The 3-hour broadcast drew a 3.25 rating with an average of 4.74 million viewers. The final two hours (RAW’s usual timeslot) did a strong 3.37 rating (4.95 million viewers), up from recent weeks. Here are the hourly numbers:

Hour 1: 4.31 million viewers
Hour 2: 5.00 million viewers
Hour 3: 4.91 million viewers

Once again, for the 9th time in the past 12 weeks, RAW lost viewership in the final hour.

USA Network executive Ted Linhart tweeted the following about Monday’s RAW ratings:

“Key 18-49 demo 8:00 p.m.=2.1M (best 8:00 p.m. Raw hour since June 09) 9:00 p.m.=2.55M (best since May) 10:00 p.m.=2.6M (best since April)… Full Raw show=2.44M P18-49 & 4.7M total viewers making USA #1 cable ent. net by large margins, attracting more men than some bdcasters.”

  • Mojojojo

    WTF you guys. It’s no longer the 90s. Things have changed a great deal. Absolutely no show on television gets a 7, 8, or 9 rating.

    Seriously look at the numbers, I’ll post a link

    Raw was the third highest rated show on cable on Monday night. Only cable show that got more viewers than Raw was 2 Football shows on the ESPN channel.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Hell im just wondering what it means for someone to like the “small” of their own bullshit, anybody got any idea?

  • venom

    This shows wrestling is at it’s lowest point. Because they even had the Rock back.

  • Steve

    I agree that it’s a sad, sad day when 3.2 is “strong”. I can’t believe how far WWE has fallen. It seems like only the other day Raw was getting 3.4’s and that was considered worrisome. Now? Anything above a 3 is fantastic!

  • Pasty Ginger

    There has actually been an overrun that had a 9.1 rating. Which according tot he WWE corporate site is the third highest they have had. And the poster above me who says they have never got higher than 5. You are completely wrong on that. All it takes is about 5 minutes to google and you would know that. In fact on May 10th 1999 Raw scored a 8.1 rating. All it takes is a little research.

  • Great One

    RAW May 10, 1999 – 8.1 Rating

  • wweisnotsosmart

    he is apparently right according to this

    “Trump Raw June 22, 2009 9.5[44][46] The first commercial-free Raw broadcast.”


    the chris benoit show was a 7.8

  • Joe Thunder

    Raw got an 8.1 rating in May 1999. It also got multiple 6+ ratings throughout 1999. They were getting high fours and low fives at the very end of WCW in 2001. Now they get threes.

  • Tyler

    Raw used to do 6, 7 and 8’s back in the heyday. I would post the website but don’t know if this site will allow it. It has a ratings history of Raw, Smackdown, Nitro and Ecw.

  • 9 are u serious bro, never got higher than 5

  • Bawb


    The “This Is Your Life” segment back in ’99 achieved an 8.4. Effmenow was pretty close lol.


    Yeah, 3.25 is terrible. I remember Smackdown being that low and people felt it was worth canceling because RAW was the “flagship” with 4.0+ numbers. Again, this is post-Roster split, which created the decline, in my opinion, so 4.0 numbers weren’t even great. I also remember them replaying the RAW in 2004 in which they had the roster trades and the main event (HHH vs. Eddie) ended in a huge brawl with Austin leading the way; WWE blatantly praised the 4.5 rating in the commercial lol.

    I’m bias because I thought the roster split was a bad move back in 2002, but that’s a whole other story.

  • ironcross

    Its never been as high as 9.0 you love the small of your own bullshit?
    i doubt its been higher the 7.1

  • Effmenow

    When did a 3.25 become *strong* ratings? I remember back in the day Raw would be getting ratings as strong as 9.0.