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Source: ProWrestling.NET

– One of the scheduled RAW guest hosts for tonight, James Roday, will not be appearing on RAW tonight because he underwent an appendectomy over the weekend.

“Psych” Dule Hill will now guest host RAW alone.

  • saynow

    bret = GM of Raw…

  • Joey

    Screw all the above posters. Tonights RAW had little comedy, hardly any DX (which is a negative for me), no Hornswoggle (positive for anyone over 8 apart from Zach that posts here) and yes cena was in the main event but it was a good match which kept Randy heel. Once again the so called experts posting here get it wrong. Drama queens the lot of you.

  • tjs

    not to say zach

  • Hater

    Thats why i asked. BigEts make me angry!!

  • Zach

    and it matters because i hate black people!!!!

    stupid n*ggers

  • Zach

    thank you “nobody”. I appreciate that. =)

  • RPM

    ECW has 15minutes of wrestling a week and 25 minutes of clips, how is it a better product?

  • Mannul

    I think we might expect another comedy act as a main event for RAW. Bret is either screwing us or WWE is screwing him and not using him like he might of thought they would.

  • baddog_1_2k

    WHO?? really this is lame Brett better be back this week.

  • WWE/FCW fan

    this is why WWE needa full time raw GM

  • Nobody

    People don’t admit ECW is better because it’s not. It’s a terrible product overall and that’s the reason they’re getting rid of it.

  • edgehead15

    Wow i wished both cudn’t make it!

    Oh well more boring RAW with guest host hogging up air time. Good thing I don’t watch it nemore!

    Ppl hate to admit it but ECW is better!

    It’snot hardcore but it has bettr wrestling

  • Nobody

    cause the black one will be the better host and perhaps Zach, like me, does not know his name and distinguishes him from his former co-host by his colour, which there is nothing wrong with

  • Hater

    Zach, Why does it matter which one is “the black one”?

  • James Howlett

    I was a bit more interested in this week then say last week or Johnny Damon or and Nascar host. PSYCH is a pretty good show, but only with the both of them. And no, James Roday is the other guy.

  • Zach

    is james roday the black one?

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    Wolverine, were you really excited or are you just BSing?

  • James Howlett

    Was excited, but now, eh.

  • dragon

    who cares….raw guest host is starting to suck…there lame and so is their show…

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