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– Marco sent word that “The Rock & John Cena square off with words” from the February 21st WWE RAW will be the special feature on the WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 DVD which comes out on March 22nd.

– WWE had The Great Khali and William Regal wrestles singles matches at this weekend’s RAW live events, with Khali getting the win. In every single fan report from this weekend’s shows, the match received very negative feedback.

– Following Kevin Nash saying that The Undertaker was told by doctors that he waited so long to repair his torn rotator cuff that it can’t be fixed, reports are that Taker isn’t expected to get full strength back in his shoulder either. Taker’s bad shoulder could be the big catalyst for his in-ring career coming to an end.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • theviewtvshow

    triple h will have to work his arse off , if taker wins, they may as well have someone push his wheelchair to the ring and have him 50-0 at mania

  • >_

    Guys its sports ENTERTAINMENT, Undertaker will never lose the streak. Vince doesn’t want it

  • Howe

    Ok. Let’s get this straight. The shoulder will never be 100% but sure enough, it’s probably at 70-80% of its maximum strength/function, which is still pretty strong given his background.

    Keeping in mind that he was a bodybuilder, he’s 6’10, he will only work Smackdown and maybe even limited PPVs, and he can pretty much predetermine every move in any match that he will be in, I’m sure that he will be able to make it to the next Wrestlemania.

  • Thestar

    Undertaker will most likely go 19 – 1 due to this injury now.

  • centerman

    Too bad about the Taker, and does Khali ever have a good looking match?

  • RAMSES 2

    bye bye taker is for the best maite if not you will have to change you gimmick to “MARK THE MUMMY” OR GRANPA MARK

  • Shadow

    The undertaker well….. wot a legend, he own falt at the end of the day he waited to long, i think he shud get 20-0 at wrestlemania then retire n leave it at that

  • Sourceless Random Guy

    Look on the bright side. He can try to take some time off, heal and then make his 67th return in 2 years.

  • Sumit

    For Undertaker: Hope he recover soon, one of the most loved wrestlers
    For Khali: I m an indian and Yeah he is popular in india and they do show the messages in which he looses :)

  • Evil Doink

    Sooo, Taker is in the main event at Mania and is not 100 percent. I see disappointment in our future….

  • mark

    bye taker , u really do need to retire now . this should be the biggest hint yet.

  • CC

    Khali’s job is fairly safe due to his popularity in India. Hell, they even edit his matches when shown in India so they never see him lose.
    Like the whole thing with Mysterio being pushed heavily to help capture the hispanic audience, Khali’s sole purpose is to keep bringing in Indian rupees.

  • misft del rio

    Wow. Clara007 you said it, if regal can’t carry you in a match you have no saving grace.

  • Name

    The end of The Undertaker is coming…
    He is the best! I hope that somehow he will get better.

  • Automattic

    I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance (yeah, really smart statement there, I know). Even in his limited role, Khali brings in a large fan base from India, which might be enough to keep him around.

  • Clara007

    Lol, not even the Regal one could carry him! There is a rumour that there will be a few future endeavours after Wrestlemania and hopefully Khali will be top of the list.

  • CC

    A Great Khali match getting negative reviews … [sarcasm]no way[/sarcasm]

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