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Raw Possibly Going Back To Two Hours, WWE Relaunches Divas Site, Vickie Hacked

– Coming off the heels of the third and final hour of Monday’s Raw broadcast suffering a fifteen percent drop in viewership, Comcast’s listing for Monday night programming on the USA Network (available at has a rerun of NCIS: Los Angeles (2009 episode “Deliverance”) airing during the 8:00 p.m. time slot with Raw listed as a two-hour-and-five-minute program beginning at 9:00 p.m.

The first hour of Monday’s show garnered 4,147,000 viewers, with hour two slightly dropping 4,126,000. The third hour, however, suffered its sharpest decline since the program was lengthened to three hours in July, dropping to 3,488,000 viewers. It marked as the fifteenth consecutive week and eighteenth week out of nineteen weeks where viewership dropped off during the third hour.

– WWE has relaunched its domain. WWE states, “Kelly, Trish, Lita, Stacy, Kaitlyn? They’re all right here on’s all-new Divas page, featuring stunning galleries of Divas both past and present. It’s the go-to destination for the women of WWE, and it’s growing every day. So come on in and don’t be shy. We promise you won’t be disappointed.”

– Vickie Guerrero is the latest WWE star to be hacked on Twitter. She wrote Wednesday, “Hey guys….been away from account…I GOT HACKED!! Im glad to be back online.”

  • Devil_Rising

    It never needed to be 3 hours in the first place.

  • sam

    its not simple to work out that if RAW went back to 2 hours again the ratings would be up and around the 3.2 mark the longer they stay at 3 hours the more the rating will suffer. its tough to keep the watching audience interested for a 3 hour show every week

  • paul s

    Bitw- true! Its could be like the raw is war and the warzone together again! Onto a winner here. Also if they concentrated on pleasing their adult fans more with moremature content, the adults wont be turning over and telling the kids ” ive seen enough of this shit. John cena sucks ass and they’re making this champion look weak. And ryback has the exact same match every week. Go to bed”

  • Best In The World

    maybe its time for wwe to break away from the little kids, and go 14A bring back some attitude and ground breaking storylines, by the 3rd hour of raw most of the kids fall asleep while the older can actually watch the whole show lol

  • Will Henderson

    weekly 3 hour Raws are just like having TNA Impact Wrestling on Mondays, a bad idea. TNA was stupid and moved Impact to Mondays. remember, it was a dumb decision that left TNA looking dumb and forced it back on Thursdays where it belongs. WWE will have no choice but to do what TNA did when they moved back to Thursdays and it will be a announcement from Vince or HHH or who ever’s in charge of Raw kayfabe wise.

    and the announcement will be like this:
    hi, welcome to WWE Raw, tonight, this will be the last weekly 3 hour Raw ever. beginning next week, Raw will be going back to 2 hours on a weekly basis with an occasional 3 hour special episode of Raw. in the last few months since WWE went to 3 hours, we have heard our fans complain that the show is way too long to stay behind from start to finish. some tuned out ether at the halfway point of the show or the final hour of the show. the children who watch Raw chose to go to bed instead of staying up all the way though Raw. and people suggested that 3 hours is indeed over kill, and we couldn’t agree more. so fans, for now on, Raw will go back to two hours and we will insure more exclusive matches of Raw or matches that would work for a 3 hour Raw would be better to fill time on SmackDown, which too has suffered from the 3 hour era of Raw. so beginning next week, on Raw, Less is more, less time and more entertainment, enjoy Monday Night Raw, back to 2 hours, at 8 PM ET/ 7 PM CT.

  • I know this is off topic but what if wwe made the tlc match with punk and ryback a fatal 4 way with cena and ziggler like 2 years ago with edge kane mysterio and del could be a bad idea but the match could be good.

  • Jeremy

    The last raw the replayed the ENTIRE interview with The Shield, “just in case you missed it”. so fucking unnecessary. The obviously have no idea what to do with an extra hour… lets fill it with 15 replays of whats already happened

  • Prince

    Eh, don’t really care either way. Raw being 3 hours has more crap, but also longer matches. It’s a give and take I guess. I just fast forward through the crap either way.