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RAW Rating for Last Night, Latest on WWE Tough Enough’s Return

– We don’t have full numbers yet but last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW with the fallout from Bragging Rights did a 3.1 cable rating.

In comparison, last night’s Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants football game did a 13.0 rating with 18 million viewers. It was the fourth most-watched program in the history of cable TV and the most-watched so far this year.

– Sources report that WWE is planning on tweaking the format of Tough Enough before bringing it to the USA Network. The company has also talked with a respected production company that deals in reality TV, about handling the show’s production.

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  • Zach

    One thing I miss the most is the individual titantrons, or stages, for each show. Like smackdown’s dual screen “fist” set and Raw’s last set that was used for like 6 years. It gives the show their own style and the HD set is terrible and ruins the shows SO much because it’s just another reminder of the PG era.

    And the fact that they take the HD set make 1-2 changes and different graphics for every PPV is EXTREMELY cheap.

  • erik

    I would rather have wwe killed hosts and have general manager or co gms like they did in 2002-2003 with austin and biscoff. I would like to see pat paterson and brisco as co gms. vince do you want to be gm gerry? brisco ”yes i will mr. mcmahon!

  • RootMan

    Raw just sucks plan and simple nowadays seriously michael cole SUCKS ASS…i cant stand him no more i cant even stand Raw i mean ive watched wwe since i was 4 and i love randy orton but seriously smackdown has more talent! RAW SUCKS! just show the gm already so ratings can go up if the gm is actually someone to be excited about!


    @RCA agreed, raw sucked last night.

  • Kelly

    And considering it’s football season..

  • RCA

    And that’s high considering Raw was horrible this week

  • jim

    that is still rather low considering its the night after a ppv.that is below their average of a 3.5