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- Monday’s WWE RAW show scored a 3.39 rating with an average of 4.8 million viewers. Last week’s show produced a 3.32 rating and 4.8 million viewers. The first hour of this week’s show scored a 3.09 rating with 4.398 million viewers, and the second hour shot up to a 3.68 rating with 5.167 million viewers.

  • Dustin

    @ Matthew

    I agree. It’s also because they make so much money off merchandise and sponsors with children, that they seem to care less about the ratings. It’s funny because USA negotiated that return deal with WWE with the impression that they’d get adult oriented storylines, especially because it got them such huge ratings back in the 98-99 era. I wonder if they’re shaking their heads as we speak.

    @ dont

    That reminds me of the ECW-XPW incident lol.

  • dont ask

    TNA should invade and it would be alot better i know its old but who smells a lawsuit in the near future for TNA

  • Matthew

    I highly doubt Raw will ever see a rating in the 4 point range unless they put on a ppv quality Raw where both RAW and SD wrestlers are on, and all the titles are on the line, and it has to be something really special, like they used to way back when. Raw won’t ever see a 5 point rating again, not sure if they ever did. They reason why Raw has gone down hill is because they have gotten lazy. They got lazy because when WCW went away, and ECW went away, they thought that since they own their competition, they can take a breather, and they got complacent. And also they don’t view TNA as anything worthy of being noticed, or what have you, so they are just letting themselves slip. Raw has had a few good episodes here and there as of lately, but NXT, Smackdown, and even TNA have all stayed steady, if not increase in ratings a tiny bit.

  • edgehead15

    Dustin unless a bunch of MTV fans (who have no respect for it) starting watching pro wrestling again then we’ll neevr hit 5 again.

  • Tony A

    Raw was pretty good this past Monday.

  • Dustin

    I hope this crap hits a 2 point something, so maybe they could wake up. I wonder if it will ever hit a 4 point something again. I highly doubt them EVER hitting a 5.

  • Devil_Rising

    Dude, Raw has been garbage for a long, long time. Even WITH the new talent. And the worst part of that is, Smackdown is no longer really that interesting, with R-Truth, Morrison, and the Hart Dynasty gone. They were my favorite parts of the show. Not to mention Edge and Undertaker. Now Smackdown is more “blah”, and Raw is STILL “blah”, even with that improved talent.

  • Zach

    If only they could have hit a 3.15 or so in the first hour. Maybe could have had a 3.50. Looks better for Raw for the time being with that 3.68 in the second hour. Wasn’t really too great of a Raw. Starting to drift towards Smackdown being my A show.

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