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RAW Rating for This Week, News on WWE Action Figures and More

Source: PWInsider

– The pre-sale code for the February 20th WWE Supershow in Springfield, IL is WWEPCCC.

– While the new WWE action figures by Mattel are set to debut on January 10th, 2009, some people are saying that they’ve already seen the figures in stores.

– Monday night’s episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW scored a 3.6 rating, up from last week’s low number. This week’s show did hours of 3.49 and 3.73.

  • silence, I kill you!

    Amen to that robert. I hope WWE AND TNA both do good for the biz’s sake. 🙂

  • Robert

    edgehead, you just asked everybody “who is sick of WWE” and then said “if you answered yes.” How are we going to answer “yes” to a “who” question you moron? Also, if you want competition, then why are you hating on EITHER company? You want us all to watch TNA, meaning that YOUR end game IDEALLY would be for TNA to get a monopoly. If that WEREN’T your end game and you want to send a message to Vince that the WWE sucks so that he could make it better, then you don’t REALLY want people to STOP watching WWE. Do you understand your lapse in logic? Or do you just spew stupid s h i t out of your mouth without thinking? I hope that WWE and TNA BOTH break ratings records Monday, how about that? I’ll be watching both shows personally because I like wrestling, but I’m much more excited about Bret Hart because I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 4 years-old and I’ve been waiting for a decade for the Hitman to come back. How does that make me a hypocrite?

  • Michael

    Honestly speaking… for me… WCW is still better than TNA. Sorry…

  • Matt

    Also lets not forget that TNA isn’t that old, WCW had a fairly large follow on from when Jim Crockett owned it and it was a part of the NWA, so they had a long time to grow themselves and evolve into what became a threat to the WWF in the 90’s.

  • Matt

    Keith Learmonth on Wed, 30th Dec 2009 4:57 PM

    Actually, Matt, they have done so before.. but never directly by name. And they mention it on the Matt & Jeff Hardy story dvd by name…

    Alluding to it is one thing, and a DVD isn’t TV, WWE will never say TNA on TV. From Vince’s perspective they aren’t competition (and lets face it they aren’t a multi billion dollar international company) so there’s no need to even pretend like they exist or will do anything on a ‘WCW 90’s’ level

  • Richard

    Unless we have Neilson cable boxes that keep track of what we watch, it wont matter which we do watch so we can just watch WWE like we will. The cable ratings are estimates from which shows people with those special boxes are watching.

  • zafar

    HA!!!@edgehead TNA sux big time…everything about it sux…do dey really think hulk hogan cud get them good ratings?!?!?!…they cant even come close to WWE’s level.. and i agree with andrew

    BRET >>>>> hogan

  • Andrew

    TNA needs to lose this one. at least this time: so they can realise at least that Hulk Hogan cannot be the Holy Master.

    Bret>Hogan anyways

  • Ray

    I wanna watch TNA on the 4th, but BRet is much more important to me then Impact. Hogan was he got me started watching wrestling whne I was 5 in 1985, Bret is who made me stay a fan at WM3 @ 7 yrs old. So I will catch impact online after I watch Hitman on Raw!

  • jpilk

    @edgehead15, your an idiot
    tna is much worse than wwe will ever be, everything about them sucks, minus the occasional good matches they have

  • Unbiased Opinion

    While I do think WWE is becoming repetitive, stale, and to the point of unwatchable, i still think its far better then TNA. On a night with nothing on, ide rather watch americas next top model then TNA. I hate the product and will not tune in. Though by all means tune in everyone else if you like, maybe if TNA does indeed bounce back with a good rating vince will get the hint that PG rating, No Blood, and Midgits isnt the way to go to get a satisfied audience.

  • edgehead15

    And the hypocrites are off agian! Lemme ask each and every one of you a question! How many of you are sick and tried of WWE now? The same boring crap on RAW week after weeek? Lackluster wrestling and boring stale storylines?

    If you answered yes, lemme ask you another question! Why aren’t you guys watching TNA on Jan 4? Why are you all hoping that TNA will demolish? Do ya’ll want WWE to have the monopoly and suck from here on out?

    Listen people take this opportunity and makes the best of it! Jan 4 we have to watch TNA. We have to do something to get the message loud and clear to Vince: WWE SUCKS!

  • Thumper! Pumper!

    i predict TNA will invade WWE’s show

  • Keith Learmonth

    Actually, Matt, they have done so before.. but never directly by name. And they mention it on the Matt & Jeff Hardy story dvd by name…

  • Monday night raw new GM

    I agree Matt cuz hogan dead weight n dixi dumb 2 think he could help TNA the only guy who could the man nun other than Bret Hart plus he hate him n Eric

  • Matt

    TNA may mention WWE but WWE will never acknowledge TNA on TV, ever.

  • Thumper!

    I predict RAW will do around a 4.0 for Jan 4.
    I predict Impact will do around a 1.5 for Jan. 4.

    I predict WWE and TNA will mention each others shows that night.

    If I was granted one wish it would be for Paul E. Heyman to rise from the ashes and destroy both TNA and WWE with a new wrestling promotion.