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– The August 1 episode of Raw scored a 3.30 cable rating, up from 3.20 the week before and 3.22 on July 18. The show did hours of 3.28 and 3.33.

Despite the ratings increase, Raw drew 100,000 fewer viewers than the July 25 episode. Last night’s show averaged 4,700,000 viewers over the course of two hours; 4,670,000 in the first hour and 4,730,000 in the second.

– Colt Cabana, who formerly competed as Scotty Goldman in 2008 and 2009, worked a dark match prior to Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Lexington, Kentucky. He lost to Wade Barrett after receiving the Wasteland.

– The July 30 episode of A.M. Raw scored a 0.6 cable rating with 733,000 viewers.

source: PWInsider.com

  • Nicholas

    The reason why WWE ratings and veiwership are going up. Is because of what CM Punk said the other night. Change is starting to happen in the WWE and to me a change can be a good thing. CM Punk now being allow to speak his mind an most of it is truth and some are just oppion but still he is getting people attendtion an people are wondering what is going to happen next. The other thing is the draw power HHH still has in the WWE. I mean despeit what the internet may say HHH is still a major draw power. An I believe what HHH said on Raw he took the job for us the wrestling fans and I feel he is doing a darn good job so far. I don’t think HHH is going to be like Vince Mac what so every. I think the days of kiss butt are gone in the WWE. Yeah Vince still have some say but maybe not as much as we all think.

    Fianlly just glad to see that WWE is on the raise. Love to see the real CM Punk at work something WWE been missing. Somebody just being them self and telling us all what is on his mind. I may not agree with everything he said but he is getting everybody attention and that is a good thing.

  • Shawn

    What name did he wrestle under? Colt Cabana? Scotty Goldman? Cole Banana? What was it?

  • venom


    I like your idea. Throw Orton into that heel group too.

  • The Killswitch

    CM Punk is the Voice. And if you’re expecting a big payoff to the “crazy R-Truth” storyline, don’t be dissapointed.

  • King

    So I figured out a huge story line here!!!
    The Conspiracy R-Truth has been talking about is actually…
    John Cena
    Triple H
    Possibly CM Punk and JR..

    Over the last few months Truth and Punk have taken Cena on and both are trying to warn us of Cena’s place in this plan because they are Heels Noone will listen…

    Triple H’s role is the role of Power
    JR’s Role will be the voice.

    I( mean Look at it..Triple Has always made groups of former Faces and turned them into huge heels.. Not only will it make R-truth’s story arc better it would be a great twist tot he “Two” Champs….

  • The Killswitch

    …wow. That’s interesting. Now let’s see if they use him right.

  • Marky Mark

    OFFICIER Colt Cabana > BOOM BOOM

  • http://wrestlingclassics.com/cgi-bin/.ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum;f=1;hardset=0;start_point=0;DaysPrune=0 Rick Gilbert

    With the massive push that CM Punk has received I am not at all surprised that Colt Cabana wrestled a dark match and I expect he will probably be on the roster fairly soon.

    I saw Cabana at a ROH show this Spring and he was way Over with the crowd and entertaining as hell. I really hope that WWE doesn’t try to repackage him under a new name and new gimmick. The guy can get over just fine without any retooling from WWE.

  • Logan


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