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RAW Rating News, Jericho Comments on Return Reports, Network Theme

– As noted before, this week’s Slammy RAW did a 2.84 cable rating over three hours and a 2.98 rating for the normal two hours, about the same as the previous week’s 2.97 rating.

RAW this week averaged 4.11 million viewers over the three hours. The first hour averaged 3.67 million, the second hour averaged 4.49 million and the third hour averaged 4.16 million viewers.

This week marks the 8th straight week and 12th out of the last 15 weeks where RAW has lost viewers in the final hour.

– The theme song being used in the new promos for the WWE Network is “Cinema (Skrillex Remix)” by Benny Benassi featuring Gary Go.

– Chris Jericho responded on Twitter to reports of a return feud with WWE Champion CM Punk and called them “bogus, weak journalism.”

  • MrDr3w

    My guess is that the 1/2/12 videos are for the return to RAW of Stephanie McMahon. She will be then revealed as the Anonymous RAW GM, and she’ll going to re-sign Jericho, so that he can take back what was taken from him in his absbense, his title of “Best in the World.”

  • Jason

    Supposedly RR is gonna have 32 numbers … 30, 31, & 32 will be Brodus Clay lol. Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Hell no Jericho wont say if he’s coming back. IF it is he’s not gonna spoil it. We can debate all we want til we’re blue in the face but the bottom line is we’ll just have to see.

  • silkysimcfly

    bogus, weak journalism. So that means it IS Jericho who is returning.

  • Bill

    Classic Jericho! itbegins2012!

  • CM Mark

    Y2J = #30 Rumble entrant.

  • Joker

    I agree with most of the other people..Jericho is not gonna come out and say…yea guys you got me I’m coming back…I think the video is gonna be for Jericho..

  • Nicholas G

    You really shouldn’t believe anything you read on the internet. To me if Jericho shows up it would be cool. If he doesn’t not going to bother me. Jericho has earn the right to do what every he wants. I would like to see Jericho vs CM Punk at Wrestlmania. But we all know if it happens who is going to win it is not going to be Jericho. It all about CM Punk now. But like I say before it is the performance at WM. Not who wins or who lose.

  • RatedR2J

    Jericho likes to keep it a surprise i would much rather be suprised then me already knowing i mean whats the fun in that but i will be surprised who ever it is you should just be happy that he might return because i am.

  • Prince

    I find it funny that people think anything Jericho says on twitter regarding his return is news. He’s not gonna let anyone know either way on twitter. Obviously he’ll deny it. He’d deny it if it was true or untrue. Doesn’t make a difference. I wouldn’t even take it seriously if he mentioned that he was returning

  • adam

    Well thats the hole thing him and other people wrestling wise use twitter as a swerve the same when they interviewed him about the code videos and he said he had no intrest in coming back. Now if he said yea its me most people would think like you he is being sarcastic and he most likely wouldnt be coming back.

  • Mark

    Ok u load of dickheads on here . If Jericho states on twitter that hes returning I wont take him seriously

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Now how much fun would it be if Jericho, Undertaker, or whoever the hell it may be just came right out and said yeah it’s me? What would be the whole point in the viginettes then?

  • adam

    @mark jericho wouldnt flat out admit it on twitter that it is him he wnats to keep it under debate so when it is him its a big suprise. Its jericho and steph just wait plus all this debate is pointless its in 19 days just let the countdown begin already

  • SusyRko

    I want you to Take over control, Take over control

  • jimbo jones

    If i remember correctly. he said he wasn’t behind the “SAVEUS222” videos either. But if you went to his official site at the time and highlighted the whole page as if you were gonna copy and paste the words, there was a 222 in black font that wasn’t visible unless you highlighted it. If it was him he wouldn’t say anyway. It may not be for jericho either way though. I dont even think creative knows who the videos are for just yet.

  • JIR

    twitter is for occasional laughter folks like all social sites they are to waste your time don’t take them seriously

  • Mark

    to The Mark: so by your reckoning he lies to all his fans then . doh. wot a prick

  • Stevie P

    Again, if Jericho would have came out and said “Yeah it’s going to happen”, people like Mark would be pissed.

  • TheMark

    ^ You actually believe a single damn thing he says on twitter? LOL

  • Mark

    See knew this was all bs. Jericho is not returning anytime soon.