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RAW Rating Causes Panic, Backstage News on Randy Orton, Possible IC & US Title Plans

– While Randy Orton’s suspension was the big news on Wednesday, what had everyone in a panic at WWE headquarters was the low 2.7 RAW Supershow rating.

– Speaking of Orton, the WWE writing team didn’t find out about his suspension until it was announced online. They were working on an Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler feud when the suspension came down.

No word yet on when Orton failed a Wellness test but it appears some in the company knew about it days before. Speculation is that John Cena was added to SmackDown tapings because they knew Orton was on his way out for 60 days. At the same time, WWE booked Orton strong on Monday night as he did an in-ring segment with The Miz and laid him out.

– The idea of merging the Intercontinental Title and the United States Title was being worked on a few weeks back. Sources say the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Title won’t be merged because WWE needs one major title on each of the RAW and SmackDown tours.


  • John Laurenitus’ Voice

    Here’s an idea WWE, why don’t you actually have some brand distinction again. Why is Sheamus on RAW every week?

  • Davey Zoo

    If they knew orton was going to be suspended beforehand why would they not let a younger guy like ziggler or someone in the mid card like christian get a clean win to put them over. It wouldn’t exactly hurt orton as he would just come back after 60 days and be back to usual.

  • Nicholas

    I love this everytime the ratings are low the IWC goes all nuts saying how there is panic backstage. When in truth the IWC has never been backstage at any wrestling event they just have to put something. Now if you go by the real world you would know the NBA playoffs is going on which going to lead to low ratings plus summer time is when most of wrestling gets slow. I don’t bother to much with the internet lately I just watch WWE for fun.

  • SYM

    @straight-edge before I respond I just have to ask, why are you so illiterate and why can’t u find the SHIFT button for Caps on ur keyboard?

    Now to respond. CC said it all. He said Ending Brand Extension and having Joint shows is good booking and hes Right. Whats the need for Brand Extension when RAW has each Shows superstar’s on it. Spoilers have been leaked for SmackDown for about 6 years or maybe longer. SmackDowns ratings have alot to do with whats going on and whose performing on the show. No one wants to See Sheamus vs Del Rio everyweek. But Punk & Sheamus vs Del Rio & Danielson would be more interesting.

  • straight-edge

    @cc yes wrestlers did complain thats why a lot jumped to wcw at the time. cause they was being over used and wcw was promising less dates. guys like austin and rock where loyal to wwe and hard working men. not a lot of wrestlers are hard working men. they are just good wrestlers that it comes nature. not all of them but a lot of them

  • TrevorAllen23 @Twitter

    Idk about you guys but I miss alot of the great tag-team matches back in the day, dudleys, hardys, APA, NAO, Los Guerreros, hell even the Basham Bros! they should work on tag team matches and have more than one guy going after the title. Have Punk lose it to like Dolph Ziggler and he start a fued with Swagger or something. something Fresh. I’d also like to see the Cruiserweight Division return! Hail Billy Kidman!

  • CC

    @straight-edge Raw and Smackdown shared rosters for years before this stupid brand separation thing ever happened, and nobody complained that the likes of Austin, Rock and Taker etc were over used. Quite the opposite in fact.
    Smart booking is the main difference as WWE had multiple top guys, so you didnt have to have the same guys on every show. If WWE had as many top line guys as they had back in the day, then they wouldnt need a “face of the company” type guy!

  • Houndy

    Titles be damned, give us something interesting to watch on Mondays. And I’ll second the comments of someone earlier in this thread. We used to tune into RAW because you never knew what was going to happen. It was a story inside a story each week. Now it has become just a fragile shell of its former glory. RIP Raw…

  • straight-edge

    @sym. them having this where all the wrestlers are at everyshow is what is causing them to be over used. they need to keep the raw and smackdown two diff shows. only have it to really be two diff shows not have raw guys on smackdown or smackdown on raw. change it up every year with the draft for new storys to be wrote. i agree with all that how it has been now it just a big mess and raw ratings is falling cause when people miss there fav raw superstar on monday its like oh well catch him on fri. then when smackdown not being live its hard to really get in to it. cause there wounderful sites like these to let us know what happens before it does.

  • straight-edge

    something i cant believe im actually saying wwe needs vince russo. like him or not. agree with everything he does or not. he writes better shows then what we been seeing

  • RPM

    moving to a 3 hour show and having 3 titles total (not including divas) is the stupidest idea i’ve heard this week.

  • LOBO

    we want to european and hardcore titles back.

    fuck America & the US title piece of shit country.
    black man as president. lol
    a slave is president lololololol

  • Bobby the Braindead

    Congrats to Randy Orton on his suspension. I’m sure the late Brian Pillman, Mr. Perfect and Scott Hall’s career would be proud.

  • eric

    wwe merge ic and us titles back in 2001. when wwe had then ic champion test r.i.p. vs u.s champion edge at wwe 2001 survior series 11 years ago. edge won that match unified both us and ic titles. us title became m.ia for good 2 years untill then smackdown gm stephaine mcmahon brought it back in july 2003 vengance ppv. so wwe had unify us and ic title before edge vs test was good solid match at 2001 surivor series. if wwe does it agian match has be good. christian ic champion vs santino would be terrible ppv match. if wwe had swagger or ziggler wn us title. had ziggler or swagger us champion vs christianin unifaction match at ppv. that would be good solid match

  • muh boy

    raw is so boring to watch these days. its just tna and old wwf videos for me from now on

  • Lex

    I love WWE. But why watch it if they are gonna put John Lauranitis in main events offer the WWE Champion

  • poko

    The number of titles does not matter.

    The thing is, nothing important happens on RAW or Smackdown. You get the obvious attacks and interferences, you get promos and squashes, but it’s all just treading water until the next PPV. Remember when you used to watch RAW because something crazy or unexpected was bound to happen? I haven’t had that feeling in awhile.

    I like what TNA is doing with the TV title. Have the US and IC titles defended on television every week, or at least every other week. As it stands now, you only have to watch RAW twice a month–right before the PPV, and right after. Everything else comes across as filler. RAW and Smackdown have lost their spark.

  • shawn

    well if one goes, another comes in i bet.

  • JohnCena33

    They should ADD titles, not take them away. Three belts on RAW (WWE Championship, USA Title, and Crusierweight Title). Three belts on SMACKDOWN (Worldheavyweight, IC Title, and Euro Title).

  • Stevie P

    Can you explain why the US Title has more history than the IC title?

  • Stone Cold 619

    To the guy who said get rid of the U.S Title YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT, THE U.S TITLE HAS MORE HISTORY THAN THE I-C TITLE, keep both titles

  • SYM

    I Feel the WWE’s ratings are Failing & so much is happening (like Wrestlers being Overused) because they won’t end Brand Extension. When that Happens they could have 1 Major title, focus on more talents & possibly bring ratings up. But until they do that…….TNA! TNA! TNA! TNA!

  • Rob

    @grizz, i figure WWE feels that Orton is an asset to the WWE product, and firing him would be a bad business decision since he is a big money-maker. I know what your point is, though, since he’s been suspended technically three times already. But from a business standpoint, you don’t get rid of one of your best assets unless that asset becomes a liability.

  • Steve

    the ratings are down ever since CM Punk was champion. He can’t draw. Oh lord, Kevin Nash is in better shape than Punk

  • Jimbo

    Clearly, Big Show = ratings….and they don’t need to merge titles, just start booking more damn matches.

  • poko

    Honestly, it sounds like the WWE is kind of a mess right now. I get the feeling that they have so much going on that they have no clear plan. Probably too many chefs in the kitchen, too many guys with authority trying to bend things their way. I find myself disagreeing with a lot of their decisions lately. Losing Orton does not help; like him or not, he was a solid performer and popular with the casual fan.

    Hopefully they’ll get the WWE TV thing sorted out, and then they can really start rebuilding RAW and Smackdown.

  • The Awesome One

    i liked it when it was the undisputed championship it was so cool, punk defending it like every week would be good

  • Stevie P

    Let’s be honest, were they really expecting a big draw with Show bs Brodus in the Main Event?

  • Buttercastle

    You figure the writing team would have been told about his suspension when it happened rather than when the general public found out. You also figure that they would realize that adding another hour to Raw means they can possibly add a cruiser weight division to bring more talent to the spotlight. Not everything has to be about Big Show attacking everyone and seeing Laringitis scooting around in his people power mobile.

  • DJK

    They are going to have 6 hours of TV soon & they are thinking of merging the titles? Keep them & bring back the cruiser weight title!

  • yofits

    bring back the european title!
    fuck the US

  • jducas

    Where’s the Tna bashers now…..??……

  • 3117

    WWE in true really wants to cut cost and merge back under as one brand, but they are afraid of losing talent. Separate shows and more titles open up the opportunity for some talent that under the old way wouldnt have gotten a chance to be a top star as they may with two brands. with just one brand many guys would jump ship and other organizations would use their talents to get them over much like WWE did with the talent WCW buried under the older guys such as benoit, jericho, eddie, undertaker, and foley. currently they want an monopoly on the business. and with no real option for big names to go to WWE is the only place. smart for control but bad for ratings when you are only competing with yourself

  • grizz

    Big Show is a big idiot. If the WWE treated all of their wrestlers fairly, Randy Orton should be fired.

  • rob

    thats what happens when big show headlines raw… against cena…

  • opp

    Merging the titles is the worst idea ever! bring in a light heavy weight divison as well the talent is there to be show cased and then make sure the US and IC are defendedon there own shows. They have done this before, does no one learn from past mistakes??

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    keep the ic title, get rid of the us title. ….
    the ic title has more history in the wwe and to me is at this stage more important.