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RAW Rating Up, The Rock to Miss Next Week, Lesnar, More

– Last night’s WWE RAW drew 5.02 million viewers on the USA Network. The final rating for the show is a 3.7 rating. This is up 21% in viewers and 16% in the ratings from last week. This is the first time RAW has topped 5 million viewers since RAW 1,000.

– CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena and Ryback is advertised for next week’s RAW from Atlanta.

– In an attempt to push ticket sales, The Rock cut a localized promo at last night’s RAW for the RAW show on March 25th from Philadelphia. It’s been a while since WWE did a localized promo.

– Unless plans change, WWE Champion The Rock will not be at next Monday’s RAW from Atlanta, Georgia. This will be one of the few RAW shows, if not the only one, that Rock misses between now and WrestleMania 29.

One Superstar who is confirmed for next week’s RAW from Atlanta is Brock Lesnar. WWE is not advertising Lesnar for any other RAW shows yet.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Jason Lentini

    Having Lesnar is useless. He doesnt deserve nor did he earn a contract like that. now while I have some issues with Dwayne Johnson in terms of coming and going at least he stays around for awhile and has done more for the wrestling industry then Lesnar ever has or could. As with Taker his body is pretty banged up & his career is winding down plus other than a handful of injuries he’s been around consistently since his initial signing and well yet again way more than Lesnar in terms of the business. Jericho is back & forth back & forth but the key is he always comes back its just a matter of when. Yet again Jericho > terms of what has been donw for business as well as cross promotion entertainment wise (as he’s usually referred to as a current or former “WWE Superstar”)

    I think Vince was grasping at straws with Lesnar. Ok I’ll grant the initial shock value. And now what … ? Business wise Lesnar is smart while the WWE is dumb. To throw away such money for an insanely limited amount of time when no one really cares in the positive aspect for Lesnar is ridiculous. Invest that money in other talents that are proven & have the potential to be bigger than Lesnar will be. Granted Lesnar WAS a hot commodity but not now or ever again will he be near what he once was.

    WWE cuts rosters and such yet pays him that much for that little ? Not worth it at all. I do like the shock value but if you arent gonna be around most of the time then you are useless to a storyline. What was it reported as 4 PPV’s and a handful of television events ? Ok what about the rest of the tapings, PPV’s, and non televised events that everyone busts their ass doing ? It’s totally useless if ya think about it since he hasn’t earned nor deserved it. Personally Vince should pay him out of HIS pocket and not the WWE’s so other that more talent can be utilized. Besides Lesnar isnt a spring chicken anymore. His shelf life isnt a long anymore especially with the stuff he did in UFC. Hell he choked there and turned tail and ran. I’m surprised he didnt do that in WWE but instead he chose the wuss way and unfortunately got to sit on his ass and make money.

    With as much crap people give Nash, Hogan, Flair, etc about doing that they’ve been around wrestling consistently and/or longer and have earned and deserved contracts like that.