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RAW Ratings News, Backstage News on Brodus Clay’s WWE Future

– Early notes on last night’s WWE RAW Supershow have hour 1 doing a 1.6 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic and hour 2 doing a 1.7 in the same demographic. Hour 1 of RAW this week averaged 4,416,000 viewers while hour 2 averaged 4,124,000 viewers. Stay tuned later for the official rating. Last night’s Monday Night Football game drew 10.8 million viewers.

– Brodus Clay was trending worldwide on Twitter last night after his vignette aired on RAW. Word is that Clay, who is currently a SmackDown Superstar, will be receiving a decent push on the RAW brand soon. Since the August 2nd WWE Superstars tapings, Clay has won 9 matches on the show over local wrestlers, as well as several RAW and SmackDown dark matches.

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  • venom

    Brodus is getting the Big daddy V push. Brodus has to go to raw to get his monster push because Henry is on Smackdown.

  • Wolfie

    All I can think of when I see Brodus is King Kong Bundy. He even wears similar ring attire. I just hope they book as well as they did Bundy when he went against Hogan.

  • Zach D

    @ KitKrock
    Yeah, you are a sad, duck fuck

  • blue4everd

    @KitKrock Cody Rhodes deserves that title! why dont you go SUCK A FUCK!!

  • KitKrock

    BRODUS is awesome!
    Give him the IC title, not Cody ‘Gay’ Rhodes.

  • nick

    Brodus should join Ziggler and Swagger as Part of Vickys stable

  • B

    (It would also fit in with the alleged plans for the Del Rio Vs Punk program – Clay being Del Rio’s muscle and Ryan backing up Punk, as they seem to keep mentioning how Punk brought him into the WWE in the articles about him)

  • B

    Dunno, I’m reckoning – assuming his push does come on Raw – he’ll be feuding with Mason Ryan. Especially since as a face Ryan doesn’t really have many ‘big’ (in terms of size, not position) opponents to go against currently.

  • dominic

    hmm a fued with Mark that would be something!!

  • Sean Mooney

    I wonder if they’re going to act as if we’ve never seen Brodus Clay before, and that he was never associated with Berto?