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Raw Segment Draws Lowest Rating In Several Years, Ex-Diva Appearing On Fallon

— On Monday’s Raw, Eve made her way to the ring ready to battle Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, but instead of The Glamazon’s entrance theme playing, the arena went red and Kane’s music played. United States Champion Zack Ryder ran to the ring to try and help her escape to his car, which suspiciously had a flat tire. The segment lost 544,000 viewers to score a 2.39 cable rating. adds that it marks as the lowest-rated quarter hour for a non-holiday episode of Raw “in perhaps a decade.”

— Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler is scheduled to be a guest on Friday’s edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The talk show program airs at 12:35 a.m. Eastern/11:35 p.m. Central on NBC.

— WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase appears alongside Mickie James at Frank & Son Collectible Show 16549 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, California on January 14 from noon to 2:00 p.m.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    you are correct. I believe Cena will leave ryder laying and it will be one of those “who did it” storylines with Cena coming out the culprit. Cena will try to push it off on the rock but in the end the rock will have video footage proving it was cena.
    the wwe needs to shake some stuff up, get some new viewers. Lately they have been focusing on tv ratings and what better way to do this than with a mystery!!!!:)

  • Jello

    zach ryders character is limited, I think it’s great he got over but the novelty won’t last forever. right now “broski” ryder is like “thug” cena he’ll grow into another persona in time.

  • bitex

    Some of you don’t get it at all. Zack Ryder has been put into this storyline because of John Cena’s heel turn. Zack is Cena’s BFF and Cena does everything to promote or protect him.
    But eventually, Kane’s mind games will finally get to Cena, and Cena will brutally attack Zack Ryder who is over with fans, especially internet fans who hate cena’s guts.
    All these will lead to Good TV eventually!

  • E C DUB


    Nail on the head

  • Hunter

    WWE in recent years have pushed talents far too early. Ryder is going to become another statistic to this claim if they don’t let him grow in to his role of an upper mid carder.

    Give him a series of matches with a heel – a hardy/MVP heel type of programme would work. They seemed to be building towards a swagger feud which would have been perfect for him (perhaps not Swagga), but all of a sudden he’s now with cena and Kane.

    We don’t ask for much, just some consistency within the storylines would be nice.

  • Philzibit

    They probably changed the channel because the flat tire thing was the STUPIDEST FUCKING IDEA EVER!

    Don’t blame Ryder, Punk, or Cena for that matter; blame the dumbass who thought that was a good idea.

  • venom

    I am just not a fan of Ryder. He looked very weak running away from Kane. I just dont get why Ryder is getting involved in the Kane and Cena feud.

  • chronoxiong

    This is so depressing to hear. SMH

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    it has nothing to do with punk, ryder, or even cena…
    in this case its the divas. they have nothing to offer in my opinion until kharma comes back. How many times have we seen eve take on beth phoenix???? its been done way too many times. The sooner the wwe goes pg14 the better for us all..

  • Lex

    Make the WWE Title important again. And we will watch.

  • austin316

    Thats pg for ya

  • Whatever

    well, wwe has names like nash, triple h, foley, punk, kane, cena, orton, miz, mysterio (when he is back), undertaker, jericho, big show.
    you can make very good shows, nice promo’s, great feuds, great matches with some hardcore in it but wwe just don’t get it…

    make it hardcore again, chairshots to the head, some fake blood, tables, ladders, chairs, sticks, steel cage, cell and get some more epic moments like the past!!!

  • E C DUB

    you know what, how bout they make a u.s champion that acts like a real babyface and shows some balls. acting all scared running away from kane, the flat tire thing, what the hell are they doing to him? no wonder he’s looking like a joke. ryder has the belt he just needs a good feud this isn’t fucking rocket science wwe

  • Jay

    I know I change the channel whenever John Cena comes on the program.

  • Generic Troll

    @Jimbo, spot on
    @Shawn, he asked Ryder be pushed as in at least put on TV and given title shots, the fact they’ve put the US title on him and are already setting up main event feuds instead of some typical US title midcard feuds is not what Punk asked for, it would be very hard to go from not getting a chance and having no pressure to trying to be one of the top 3 faces of raw.. the amount of pressure would be insane

    WWE need to stop blaming partipants in certain segments and look at whats going on on other networks, its not the wrestlers fault that the show they are on has a very competitive timeslot, i happen to think that Kane Eve is similar to Kane Kelly Kelly which was quite a funny sidestory to go with the rest of the show. But when it comes down to it they need to let Ryder have his title and just have some good US defences and get some experience under his belt

  • Zane

    This us really no ones fault see it as a step in the right direction I suppose the reason it lost viewers was that it was a little bit scary for all the little kids watching Raw. They’re slowly adding more adult stuff it’s just matter if time before people start talking and the news spreads, hopefully WWE will ease out of the PG stuff giving them alot more freedom with ideas.

  • Shawn

    @CM Mark
    You’re actually right. Punk asked that Ryder be pushed. Being stalked by Kane is a push, since Kane is an established star. This bombed. Thus, let’s blame Punk.

  • Jimbo

    That was around the time the BCS Title game was entering the 4th quarter, I think.

  • CM Mark

    I guess this is Punk’s fault too. Let the DISLIKES BEGIN!!!