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RAW Star Officially Switching Brands, WWE Does YES vs. WHAT Poll, Show Canceled

– The WWE RAW live event set for May 24th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is on longer listed on WWE’s schedule and has been canceled. The May 23rd event for Sao Paulo, Brazil is still on.

– WWE ran a Twitter poll yesterday asking fans what is the better chant – YES or WHAT? Daniel Bryan’s “YES” chants won with 59% of the vote.

– WWE will announce today that Alberto Del Rio and his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez have officially been moved over to the SmackDown brand. Del Rio has earned a World Heavyweight Title shot against Sheamus and has been touring with the blue brand overseas for the past two weeks.

  • Gorilla

    Yeah and his mommy will be saying YES! Yes! YES!…what?

  • Matt


    you should stfu and tell ur mom to open up her legs for me.

  • Eddie

    Fans should shut the f*** up with that “What?” chant already. It was never clever to begin with but since Stone Cold started it i guess fans think it’s still cool to say. It was BARELY tolerable when SCSA said now, now it’s just retarded.

  • chronoxiong

    “Si! Si! Si!” Alberto Del Rio fits much better on Smackdown. I like this move.

  • sam

    like what legend killer has said, the yes chants will fade out in time. the `what` chants will still be around 10 years from now no doubt

  • shawn

    when i read that i was like … “WHAT?”.

  • Jason L

    “Yes” over “What”. Doubtful. I agree with Unique and Legend Killer except I don’t care for the “yes” chant at all.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    Aren’t they doing the draft on Raw on monday?

  • CC

    what is the point of switching someone to Smackdown from RAW, when everyone on Smackdown is on RAW anyway. Might as well get rid of the stupid brand separation entirely.

  • Unique

    Most of the kid voters probably have no idea how the What? chant started

  • Legend Killer

    The question is will the ‘yes’ chant still regularly be heard in 10+ years time like the ‘what’ chant still is. I love the ‘yes’ chant but i have my doubts.