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Raw Suffers Big Ratings Drop From 1,000th Show, Tensai’s Offensive Tout Gone

– Viewership for the July 30 episode of Raw dropped significantly from last week’s 1,000th episode as the program averaged a 3.08 cable rating compared to 3.84. The overall rating was down 20 percent from the milestone show and is the lowest mark since June 4.

Raw averaged 4,490,000 viewers over the course of three hours and 4,710,000 from 9:00 p.m. to past 11:00 p.m. Overall viewership was down 22 percent from last week’s 6,019,000 figure and is the smallest audience since June 4.

Raw drew a 2.79 rating with 4,060,000 viewers in hour one, a 3.21 cable rating with 4,720,000 viewers in hour two, and a 3.25 rating with 4,700,000 viewers in the final hour.

– A Tout video Tensai posted late last night which could be perceived as racially insensitive toward Asian people has been taken down. The video showed him traveling with his “personal chauffeur” Sakamoto to Indianapolis—the site of tonight’s SmackDown taping—following Raw, and he remarked that it’s “very, very dangerous” to drive with a Japanese person. He then slapped Sakamoto as he drove and ordered him “to open his eyes.”

Another racially charged remark toward Sakamoto was made on Raw as commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler quipped following the Tensai vs. Tyson Kidd match, “When Tensai beats up Sakamoto, he changes his name to Sum Ting Wong.”

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • wweawesome

    so wht if they made fun of was hilarious..oh come on didnt u ppl laugh when u saw tensai say open ur eyes..lmfao…FUCK ASIANS

  • Wellsy

    Sometimes jokes are so shit they’re funny.

  • TomC

    Perhaps if WWE finally DROPPED the lame ass “PG” programming and got back to some nitty-gritty pro-wrestling programming, they wouldn’t be seeing their viewrships drop. WWE is a CARTOON of it’s former self – it’s pathetic.

  • Dave

    It’s even more dangerous driving with an Italian. In Rome, their definition of being double parked means one on top of the other.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    LOL “Sum Ting Wong”, that’s hilarious and I don’t give a shit what the PC thugs think.

  • yofits


    look at all the japanese & black wrestlers he’s ruined: Ultiomo dragon, Jimmy Yang, Taka, Faarooq, Shelton Benjamin, Ron Killings, Percy Watson, etc etc

  • Jimbotron

    God, Lawler sucks.

  • rko

    I miss the attitude era.

  • SYM

    I think Today WWE has proved that they hate Asian Wrestlers. Its undoubtable just like the fact that they can careless about the divas.

  • adam

    Lawler is an idiot they need new announcers over all they gotta search for soem new ones i say bring up regal and JR.

  • Moe

    Would everyone just fucken relax! Here’s a joke for you. What do you call a 69 in chinese? Two can Chew! Suck on that one

  • chronoxiong

    Don’t be a bully. Be a Star. Yeah right WWE! Enough of your hate towards Asian characters!!!

  • Lew

    jerry’s comment is either worse than tensai or just as bad

  • 1919

    glad to see the main event lost viewers. when will they realise nobody wants to see super cena vs big show.

  • CC

    I actually cringed when Lawler said that. Partly because it was blatantly racist, but mostly because it was such a shit joke.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Remember that time when WWE didn’t give a fuck?