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– Ryan Nemeth, the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler, won a contest in OVW called Breakout. He has won a one-year scholarship to learn how to wrestle at the OVW school.

– The plan is for David Hart Smith to turn heel on Tyson Kidd and Natalya, breaking up The Hart Dynasty.

– MVP has been worried about his position with WWE, noting that he sees younger guys being pushed ahead of him while they’re not doing much with him.

– Michael Tarver was removed from The Nexus because of a groin injury that will keep him out of action.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Joe Piscapo

    Damn. Michael Tarver was the man too!

  • venom

    Really??? I thought I heard WWE wanted to build their tag team divison.

  • Rocc41

    For those wondering Vince is more on the singles competitors. Over the past 5 years he has made it a point not push the tag teams. They had a great thing brewing with the Uso’s (sp) and the Hart Dynasty. Shane needs to come back, take over and bring this division back. WWE used to have awesome tag teams. But I guess Vince says it is his show, don’t like it, get your own…lol


    wow they break up practically every orginal tag team they had. Like mentioned earlier, crime tyme and legacy were broken up earlier this year and now we have the hart dynasty gone. Wow i guess WWE just needs more jobbers lol. I really hope tyson kidd get some type of a push though because he is a good competitor.

  • kyle

    WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY DO THIS well if they put macintyre and rhodes as a tag team the you gotta excpect it

  • In Grind We Crust

    I am speechless… how in the fuck is this helping their tag division?

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I agree there is no real tag division in the WWE. They had an oppertunity to have the hart dynasty face off against haas and benjamin at one point! I feel I was ripped off by the WWE on this one!


    charlemange just called it

  • charlemange

    OMG WTF is wrong with them first they broke up Legacy then they broke up Cryme Tyme now they want to break up the Hart Dynasty the only way i could see this ending well is that Teddy Hart comes in and forms a team with David and they go heel but if thats not what their doing then wow you have a guy thats too green and will be sent back to FCW and a smaller guy that has no division that will job until the next year when you release him hhuuuuummmm who does that sound like oh yeah CRYME TYME!!!!!!!

  • CC

    What is it with WWE not being able to give a tag team any sort of decent lifespan? The only tag teams that seem to get any sort of long term life are ones that are just there to job.


    Break up the Hart Dynasty? WWE Creative are a bunch of idiots!

  • Tyson

    I would be feelin the same way if I was mvp, hes beein misuse badly, sure hes helping the young talent but hes not gettin anything from in. When ever his new theme comes thats when he needs to turn heel and give him a push that he deserve.

  • Rich

    Wow WWE is stupid for this…I guess thats why the Dudebusters are going to raw to get a push and be the top tag team on raw

  • Juany

    why in the blue hell they would break their only decent tag team ???!!?!?!?

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