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RAW to stay on USA Network, Smackdown to find a new home?

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the WWE is close to renewing their deal with NBC Universal.

It looks like Monday Night RAW will continue to be shown on the USA Network, as the new deal will be worth three times what the last one was worth, reportedly. However, the deal doesn’t involve Smackdown Live, and it seems that the Blue Brand may still be moving to Fox.

WWE’s current deal expires on September 30, 2019, and the company plans on announcing their future distribution plans earlier on that month. Neither party has commented yet on the deal, as they are still negotiating the terms. However, it’s possible that the WWE’s brand could spread across two networks by late fall next year.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Tshirt sales were better but overall merch sales (i.e. Toys, and other officially licensed merch) have never been this good. That’s just a fact.

  • Cautious Hope

    Merch sales were better in the 90s than they are now.

  • Arnold Jackson

    PG will never go as long as there is money to be made off of young children merch.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Two separate things. Fox wants SD because of the lose of UFC not because of XFL.

  • CC

    Disney already bought Fox, but only the film and tv studios. Fox kept their news and sports side. Fox still owns 30% and Disney 70%.

  • Cautious Hope

    Disney owns Marvel and Marvel does PG-13 movies. I’m not so worried about that. Also, Disney made the movie Pretty Woman.

  • EVH

    just keep in mind Fox is about to be bought by Disney

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I wonder if the reason they also move Smackdown to Fox is because of the XFL too. Fox has been trying to get the WWE since Raw left USA network to go to Spike TV.

  • Cautious Hope

    I would like to see Smackdown moved to a different network. With a different network setting the expectations for a show, maybe we’d see better writing or dare I say, an end to PG product? I know WWE wants to be family friendly, but seeing as they were willing to drop all their women for a payday in Saudi Arabia after years of the Women’s Revolution/Evolution, WWE has shown they can be bought. Maybe the Fox money would be big enough for WWE to return to TV-14. I know there was a lot of crap in the Attitude Era, but you could always add back blood and fouler language without returning bra and panty matches and things like Beaver Cleavage.

  • Will Henderson

    not this year, next year, plus a show on a network owned by a different company maybe be a nice shot in the arm of this current second Brand Extension era.

    Fox wanted a show on the main Fox network, but WWE was possibly unwilling to trim the fat for WWE Raw and NBCUniversal didn’t want a piss poor SmackDown, so WWE may have a perfect compromise for the two networks battling for WWE TV rights

    USA keeps Raw in it’s current 3 hour format and Fox gets Smackdown as a live 2 hour show that won’t spill over the local news cast on most local Fox stations across the country. plus SmackDown could have better ratings on Fox on Tuesdays live cause you can use it to cross promote it on Fox Sports and regular Fox programming. i bet next year’s Superstar shakeup is gonna have to boost both brands as equals instead of one brand being sabotaged to help rebuild the other show back to being a good show with decent ratings.

  • mftom

    WWE’s contract with USA officially expires Sept. 30, 2019 so nothings changing until then.