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Was The RAWactive Poll Fixed?, Monday’s Raw Rating, CM Punk Q&A

– CM Punk discussed WWE ’13 in a new Q&A released by THQ. You can watch it embedded below.

– Monday’s episode of WWE Raw scored an overall rating of 2.7.

– According to PWInsider, Monday’s RAWactive poll to determine who would face CM Punk in the main event on Raw was not fixed.

  • hf part two

    WWE polls are always rigged.

    I MEAN, remeber Taboo Tuesday 2005? Fatt Lardy received more votes than Christian Cage? lol! RIGGGGEEEDDDD!

  • Ricardo

    CC – you had access not only to official statistics of detailed merchandise sales per wrestler, including specifically shirts? Wow, what an insider.

    I would like to see those numbers (merchandise sales per wrestler). WWE does not disclose them, so it’s funny how CC authoritatively asserts, like he always does, that Bryan sells more… shirts… than Kane “ever did”. What we do know, because it’s publicly disclosed, is that merchandise sales are on a 15-year low. So is it really believable that internet darling Bryan sells more now that sales are low than Kane back when everyone was wearing his mask?

    Face it. People would rather see Kane than Bryan. It’s already a miracle what WWE creative did for the shorty guy with no charisma with the “Yes”. Don’t push it.

  • nikki

    Of course those polls are fixed..there is no way we will ever know

  • Moe

    Middleton is the man! Fuck he sucks!

  • Bastion Booger

    This website sorry forgot to post the link

  • Bastion Booger

    according to this website Bryan won the poll 603 to 427

  • cc

    I certainly wouldnt call Kane anymore of a face than Bryan. And anyway, kids or not, Bryan currently sells more shirts than Kane has ever done, so you’d have to say that popularity wise, its pretty much even.

  • scooter

    Bryans still technically a heel, Kane is a face ergo the kids voted for Kane if you believe otherwise your the worst kind of smark.

  • Bob

    its been a gimmick all along….wwe just want to shut the fans up and make em feel like they had some sort of input in the outcome when in reality they never had a chance….kinda like ur vote when choosing a president…..none of us really matter the inner circle is gonna get in who they want in they just have to have us vote so we cant figure out if it was fixed 🙂

  • Jeremy


  • Jeremy

    Noooooo, the WWE would “nevverrrrr” fix those polls. They’d never take us for idiots lmao

  • Jeff

    The poll was not fixed….Solid reporting right there.