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Reaction To CM Punk’s Commentary, Cena Receives Flyers Jersey, WWE In Philly

– Chris Pronger, the Philadelphia Flyers all-star defenseman, presented John Cena with a number 54 jersey last night before RAW. You can see a picture of that here.

– WWE will return to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2/6/11 at 1PM with an event at the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets are set to go on sale in four days (December 4th) at 10AM.

– The general consensus internally is that WWE is very happy with CM Punk’s work as announcer and love him working this role. Punk is expected to make his in-ring return in January.

  • Dom

    CM Punk general manager just saying

  • Juany

    JR is the only one who es good at calling matches. Cole is horrible, half the time he dosnt know what are the moves wrestler are doing or it call it something crappy like ” he bomp him on his back” and the other half he is selling the main event or trying to sell he is a heel.

  • nnla

    @ Paton

    Cole is really the only one who truely calls the matches. Lawler adds some commentary here and there but doesn’t really speak as much as he did with JR. So with the 3 man team you have Cole calling matches and being that heel guy during the matches and promos. Lawler who plays the face and adds his two sense in every once in a while and well Punk is building into his character but I’m not sure if he’s a heel or a face or just a mixture of both. I did like how he ‘sold’ his new assignment last night by saying “Well since my in ring career is over.”

  • sean

    he is getting better at play by play i like the one liners, and stuff he says

  • Jeffery

    I think CM is very good

  • Paton


    that’s why it works, I don’t want 3 people doing the same thing, bad enough with 2 as weve had the last 3 years

  • Raziel

    He’s good at making one liners and the bickering but in terms of calling a match he’s awful.

  • Zach

    Pronger would kick Cena’s as s.

    Just sayin’!

  • CM Mark

    Of course they love Punk’s role. He is the man after all.