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Reason Why Eve Hasn’t Been on WWE Television, WWE Network Update

– Eve Torres is taking part in a new NBC reality project that sees celebrities going through military training. This explains why we haven’t seen Torres on WWE television as of late.

– As an update to the forthcoming WWE Network, WWE is looking to model the proposed network as a paid premium channel where subscribers will pay a certain fee per month to their cable or satellite provider (Just like HBO). The feeling is that it will be easier to roll the channel out in this fashion, as it would guarantee money for the providers instead of expecting them to pay WWE for content.


  • King Albert

    No one cares about Eve . ever.

  • Capt. Lou Albino

    And here I thought she was off having more hair extensions put in. Boy do I feel silly.

  • The Awesome One

    eve in a military uniform dam lol

  • ##

    Well this does seem like it’s worth paying for unlike HBO. So if it’s like $10-$15 more a month I’ll get it.
    Did’nt Maria do the exact same as Eve in that she was on a NBC reality show? Did’nt she get fired over this?

  • SYM

    Why can’t the WWE Network just be Free?

  • shorty

    who cares what eve is doing off wwe tv

  • paul

    so we have to pay for more wwe stuff since they are leaving usa and syfy with this channell? thankfully you can see it all commercial free on youtube the day after