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— As reported earlier, the Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio match scheduled for Sunday’s WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view was canceled and both men were moved into the World Heavyweight Title bout because they wanted all the major matches on the show to have adequate time. It has since been disclosed that WWE officials felt the Kane vs. Edge storyline “wasn’t clicking,” and would thus lead to a bad pay-per-view match.

— Matt Hardy will be the guest live tonight on In Your Head. Listen live starting at 8PM EST 5PM PST at www.inyourheadonline.com and www.justin.tv/jackiyh. To call in and talk to Hardy, dial 1-508-644-8503 between 8:30 and 9:00 PM EST.

— David Hart Smith has deleted his Twitter account.

source: f4wonline.com

  • Hunter

    Paul Bearer returning should have made Kane more interesting and intimidating. Instead they decided to put those stupid signets up of Edge, Paul Bearer and the wheelchair.

    Would have loved it if they set the lighting to dark red, and gave Kane his old music back when coming to the ring. PB should also have cut more promos!

  • Legend Killer

    I agree with David. There was no foundation to the feud, why did they suddenly become great enemies one week? I thought the storyline was OK actually even though it was quite clear Edge would win the title in the end. I just feel if they had done a better job of the weeks post Paul’s accident and really made Kane go psychotic then it would have been very interesting to watch at TLC.

  • David

    The Kane/Edge feud was totally disinteresting. The more matches they had, the more I knew Edge would eventually walk away with the title, and there wasn’t really any basis behind it other than what happened before TLC with him kidnapping Paul Bearer. It felt forced. Edge goes to RAW and then goes right back to SmackDown to immediately feud with Kane.

  • damkat

    i thought is was good…edge did great and Kane played it off well. Goes to show what the WWE knows about the fans!!

  • CC

    The Edge/Kane story wasnt clicking?
    What the hell does that mean considering it seemed to be over with the fans at shows, and both worked well with eachother?

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