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Reason For Eric Young’s Contract Holdout, Kevin Nash On Facebook, Reaction Rating

— Regarding Eric Young’s contract holdout with TNA Wrestling last month, he indicated to friends that he believed WWE would show interest in signing him and thus he held out for a better deal than the Nashville based organization initially offered. There was apparently no interest on WWE’s part in Young’s services and he re-signed with TNA Wrestling for less money than he was looking for. He was, however, granted freedom to accept independent bookings without company approval.

— The Dec. 9 episode of TNA ReACTION did a 0.58 cable rating, with 775,000 viewers. The previous week’s show drew a 0.62 cable rating, with 780,000 viewers.

— Kevin Nash revealed on Twitter that he has an account on Facebook and is accepting friend requests.

He wrote, “I updated my fb and found my best childhood friend. Plenty of room for friends. Thanks, Kevin.”

sources: Pro Wrestling Torch,

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Now while I am not wild about Eric Young teaming with Orlando Jordon, I have wondered why they have no team name. Anyhow last night while playing my video game in a drunken stupor it hit me! Why Not call them “Young & Delicious”?

  • CC

    @drg. What do you mean, quick to judge?
    Although Bryan Danielson has had a few squashes, he was given a title straight away. Punk was thrown into main eventing and title shots straight away. Kaval gets squashed almost every week, and even got totally obliterated by a nobody like Reks for his place in the Survivor series match.

    The only time he has ever looked to be taken seriously was in the match with the Big Show, and even that wasnt exactly brilliant.

    Pushing someone as an underdog does not mean losing nearly all the time. Thats called jobbing. An underdog picks up surprise wins.
    Look at Rey Mysterio. He is a perfect example of someone who is pushed as an underdog. Sometimes he wins sometimes he doesnt. Its rarely a forgone conclusion before the match as to the outcome. With Kaval you pretty much know he is going to lose.

  • Adam

    WWE should show more interest in signing Samoa Joe. Forget about Eric Young. Samoa Joe could attract Internet fans in WWE. Get him out of that fail of a company called TNA.

  • ox slang shoot

    hahaha tna is a 0.05/10 promotion, a jobber in wwe would be remembered much more then a main eventer in tna

  • Matt

    And also if he went to WWE and became a jobber, would he really care all that much? he’d still probably be paid better than TNA, why do you think Gail Kim went back?

  • The Anti Cena

    Years???? wow i would think more months from the backstage talk

  • drg

    Wow CC quick to judge? Low Ki or Kaval has barely had any time on the main roster, they’re makin it rough o him now so he becomes even more an underdog type character because he keeps losing. Add his size to that undersog character as well. In my opinion hes gonna get there eventually. WWE will need a new small guy to play underdog when mysterio is done in the next few years.

  • CC

    No offense to Eric, but what would make him think WWE would be interested in him?

    On top of that, why would he want to go to WWE? Yes, for a lot of wrestlers its a chance at the big time, but for someone like Eric, he would just end up jobbing on Superstars.
    Lets face it, bigger names than him have ended up taking forever to get onto WWE, and when they do, they dont necessarily get used to their best potential.
    For every CM Punk, there’s a Low-Ki.

  • skitzo

    Eric Young thought WWE would have interest in him? Sorry Eric, they already have a comedy midget act up north. LOL