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Reason for TNA Putting Knockouts On Last, Hulk Hogan Surgery Update

– Radar Online reports today that Hulk Hogan is “recovering well” from his back surgery yesterday. Hogan’s latest operation was a spinal fusion. This is somewhere around Hogan’s 10th back surgery in the past few years.

– TNA put the recent Tara vs. Mickie James cage match in the iMPACT main event spot because they felt it would keep the audience watching the show until it ended. Instead, more viewers tuned out than during almost any other iMPACT main event in recent months.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Big Daddy

    That cage match was extremely SLOW! Two amazing female wrestlers but they are becoming super slow in the ring.

  • erik

    I mean when was the last time wwe had divas main event raw? Try december 2004 raw lita vs trish when wwe had women who could put on great match. I liked that cage match with mickie james vs tara two best female wrestlers in biz today.

  • E

    What? Tna actually made time somebody else other then immortal? I don’t know I haven’t watched tna since the new nwo (immortal) start hogging the air time

  • rikardo

    hogan stay your ass out of the ring and everything else you got you a young ass wife your gonna need your energy lol

  • Devil_Rising

    That is the absolute worst. TNA fans want the company to be better than WWE, then they stop watching when WOMEN are main eventing in a cage match. That’s actually a big deal. And it isn’t as if it was two nobodies who can’t wrestle. These are great female wrestlers, some of the best in history.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Remember when Trish VS. Lita for the Women’s title was the main event of Raw? That was a good match. I miss those days…

  • kane

    they tried to repeat the buzz they got with gail kim and awesome kong main eventing impact. they should have paid the knockouts that could wrestle more money and kept them on tv instead of letting them all go. keeping the focus on the beautiful people after gail left may have been a good short term decision, but it has totally killed the knockouts division.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    @damkat… I agree with you. What you had was two wrestlers having a helluva match without any restraints. It definitely kept me watching.

  • damkat

    That is to bad because those girls put on a great match. It was without a doubt the best diva match I have seen in recent history!!

  • cena approved

    Morrison vs. Sheamus @ (ss,RAW kotr,& TLC) Bryian(almost any match with him) Vs. Ziggler @ (Br), HBK Vs. UT @ WM, SD Vs. Raw(Br), HBK Vs. Mysterio @ (SD), Mysterio Vs. Punk @ (Wm, ER, SD, OTL). I can name some TNA matches as well but only pre-Hogan era matches

  • cena approved

    TNA sure does, Jarrett”s last MMA challenge “match of the year”

  • M

    Yeah because TNA has waaaaaay “better” matches than WWE. *rolls eyes*

  • effmenow

    Dang that sucks. That was a contender for the best womens wrestling match of 2010. Most of the contending matches are from TNA…